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As a leading tombstone exporter in India, we provide modern headstones shaped like a book. We cater to B2B buyers and offer the highest quality books and records tombstones in materials like Granite and more.

We are committed to providing quality, contemporary, cut and polished headstone designs in the form of an open book. Contact our team to know book headstones prices.


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Product Description

Stone Discover offers the highest quality, uniquely designed and elegantly crafted books and records, tombstones and monuments at highly competitive price tags in the European market. We are well-known for our bespoke and uniquely designed tombstones and grave markers, fulfilling B2B buyer needs.

Our books & records tombstones are made of top-quality granite from our quarries in India, using the latest tools and equipment. At Stone Discover, we can do any design, including open-book memorial stones, Granite book-shaped headstones, slant book-style headstones, and more.


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