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STONE DISCOVER - A Leading Granite Headstone Manufacturer and Supplier

Stone Discover, an ISO 9001-certified company, caters to B2B buyers and their requirements for Granite tombstones, headstones, gravestones, cemetery monuments, memorial plates, grave plaques and more.

As a trusted Granite tombstone and monument wholesaler, we are determined to supply our clients with the highest-quality granite headstone and monument products cut, engraved, and polished with utmost craftsmanship.

We are wholesale granite monument suppliers that give top priority to their clients and believe in transparency. Therefore, our B2B clients can be 100% sure that our granite tombstone and monument products are delivered to you from top-notch quality natural stone quarries and factories in India.

Let's Talk About Stone Discover

Stone Discover has been one of the most significant natural and engineered stone manufacturers and suppliers since 1984. We are a well-known granite tombstone and monument supplier in the European markets, including countries like Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Africa, and so on.

Our tombstone and monument products range from – headstones, single stones, family stones, family burial stones, angel stones, books and records, memorial plaques, grave plates, and more.

Apart from these, we also deal in slabs, tiles, cobbles, etc., in the form of Granite, Quartz, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone and Porcelain.

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Why Stone Discover?

Wholesale granite tombstone and monument suppliers have always been a need, but why should you choose Stone Discover?

Quality of Products

The product quality of tombstones and monuments at Stone Discover is undoubtedly the best. We source high-quality natural stones from our quarries – shiny, lustrous, and available in multiple colours.

Experience and Expertise

We have been dealing in stones for over 38 years. We are qualified to deliver high-quality granite and have a skilled team experienced in creating bespoke headstones, gravestones, plaques and monuments for B2B needs.

Product Flexibility

At Stone Discover, you can select ready-made or even request a custom tombstone and monument design with Granite colour, shape, size, finish and polish of your preference.


We can create Granite tombstones, and monuments ranging from – headstones, single stones, family stones, family burial stones, angel stones, books and records, memorial plaques, grave plates, and more, no matter how simple or complex the design is.

Ease of Business

As a wholesale headstone manufacturer and supplier, we are here to cater to B2B needs of tombstones, monuments and grave plaques. We strive to make the ordering, product dispatching and receiving as smooth as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission remains production and timely supply of best quality natural stone products to all our customers across the world. We endeavor each day to effectively cater to customer demands, overseeing successful project deliveries irrespective of their magnitude.


We envision ourselves as the biggest supplier of natural stone products across the world in coming times. We plan to explore untapped markets and deliver quality natural stone products, in the process generating more employment and making a difference to lives.


Our approach involves paying attention to detail and ensuring our natural stone products are of premium quality and meet precision requirements. We encourage best industry practices in our factories replete with state of the art machinery for cutting, calibration and polishing. We personally get involved with every consignment dispatched to our customers and ensure highest standards of quality come what may.




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