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Tombstones and monuments are always an integral and sentimental part of funeral ceremonies. Stone Discover, a leading exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of Indian granite tombstones, headstones, and monuments, is here to fulfill the needs of B2B buyers searching for Indian Granite grave markers and facilitate stress-free transactions, from placing orders to timely deliveries.


Our Tombstone Collections

Indian Granite Tombstone Suppliers for Gravestones and Monuments

We are an ISO 9001-certified company and a trusted supplier of granite tombstones and monuments. We cater to the B2B requirements of buyers, including manufacturing, selling, and exporting headstones, single stones, family stones, couple stones, family burial stones, angel stones, funeral / memorial plaques, grave plates, cemetery monuments, books and records, and more.

We can deliver tombstones and monument products in any Granite color, size, engraving, finish, polish, and bespoke design to most European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, France Italy, United Kingdom, Poland.

The long-lasting, shiny, and lustrous Granite used in our headstone and monument products comes from our ethically sourced quarries and factories in India and is screened for quality at every production stage to ensure the product is up to industrial standards and expectations and maximizes B2B buyer satisfaction.

Our team of experienced craftsmen and artisans are dedicated to creating beautiful and lasting memorials to pay tribute to loved ones. So whether a B2B client is searching for a simple headstone and monument or a custom-designed gravestone and cemetery monument, we have up-to-date resources, experience and expertise to bring the visions to life.

As a customer-centric company, we ensure the B2B transactions, from product consultation, placing an order, safe packaging, and payments to prompt delivery, are as smooth as possible.

From Granite type, Granite color, design, and engravings to letterings, we leave no stone unturned in paying attention to every detail. With Stone Discover, as a B2B buyer, you can be at peace learning that each gravestone and cemetery monument is made to measure, and you can count on our 38+ years of experience.

If you are a B2B buyer exploring our website, you can look at our artistic headstones, plaques and monuments or drop in your custom design requests!

FAQs for Tombstones and Monuments

What is the difference between a gravestone and a tombstone?

Gravestone and tombstone are words often used interchangeably; however, there are subtle points that make them different. Gravestones are large stone slabs laid down horizontally, covering the entire grave. Whereas tombstones are stones that sit upright or are positioned vertically at the head of the grave.

What sets Stone Discover apart from other natural stone suppliers when it comes to tombstones and monuments?

Stone Discover’s experience, expertise, product quality, customization, prompt delivery and competitive pricing of tombstones and monuments set it apart from other natural stone suppliers. With 38+ years of experience, we are a leading Granite tombstone and monument exporter with our own quarries and factories.

Can Stone Discover customize tombstones and monuments to meet the specific needs of my customers?

Yes, customization of tombstones and monuments is a significant benefit that Stone Discover offers. Be it a simple or complex bespoke design tombstone or monument, with the latest modern equipment at our disposal, and highly skilled and experienced craftsmen and artisans, we can cater to every client’s individual needs.

Can Stone Discover provide any additional services, such as engraving or installation, for tombstones and monuments?

Stone Discover’s product range is not limited to ready-made granite tombstones and monuments. We cater to the individual needs of B2B buyers and offer additional services for the customization, including engraving, portraits, letterings, inscriptions, design artwork, sizing, etc.

What is the price range for tombstones and monuments from Stone Discover, and do they offer any bulk discounts for large orders?

Regarding prices, Stone Discover – a wholesale Granite tombstone and monument supplier – offers the most competitive prices in the market, considering the product’s quality, uniqueness, durability, and timely delivery. Our Granite tombstone and monument product prices usually range from ___ to ___, and we also offer special discounts on bulk orders.

What are the types of Tombstones manufactured in India?

The tombstone types have undergone a transformation over the years; however, some standard tombstones and monument types include – single stones, headstones, family stones, family burial stones, angel stones, memorial plaques, funeral plates and cemetery monuments. Books and records are one of the modern designs manufactured in India.


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