Husband and Wife Headstones

Every family has their unique traditions when it comes to funerals that pass on to generations. One such tradition is Couple Headstones. Couple Stones is a beautiful way to tell the story of two lovers and their sweet time together. Using this tombstone design, families can honor the spouses’ marriage and their memories after their demise. At Stone Discover, we offer plenty of Husband and Wife Headstones options to buy.

Whether memorializing a married or another committed couple, we offer unforgettable and enduring ways to commemorate the life of the beloved couple. Buyers can go for single headstones featuring details of both individuals or choose Double Headstones for Married Couples giving ample space for inscriptions, images, etc. Clients can customize the cemetery monument however they want and place bulk orders as per their demands.

Our stonemasons skillfully manufacture and personalize the design, dimensions, color, cut, polish, finish, engraving, etc., of the tombstone and export it to the Middle East, the United States, Africa, and Europe from India. We only use durable Indian granite from quarries in different colors ranging from absolute black, Vizag blue/Bahama blue, ruby red, Viscon white, light grey, Indian aurora, etc.


Couple Stones Collections

Stone Discover - The Best Husband and Wife Headstones Supplier

If you are a buyer looking for a reliable Couple Stone Supplier, Stone Discover is at your service! We deal with natural stones and tombstones, manufacturing and supplying to worldwide countries from India since 1984. We use durable granite material to make all the cemetery grave markers at our quarry by our expert artisans. Here are some of the reasons to buy Husband and Wife Tombstones from us:

  • Unique Designs: At Stone Discover, we create exceptional Headstone Designs for Couples to honor the connection and unity of companions. A wide range is available from Individual, companion, flat, double upright to heart-shaped headstones at competitive prices. We also do custom sculptures and bench memorials upon the buyer’s request.
  • Customization Options: The room for personalization is huge when working with Stone Discover. We can customize almost every product in our catalogue to your liking with the help of our artisans. Some common customization elements are granite monuments’ color, size, shape, polish, engraving, etc. We aim to offer the highest quality, bespoke creations.
  • Excellent Stonemasonry: Our stonemasons have the right skill and experience to deliver excellence with every Couple Stone for Sale. They can effortlessly create traditional and modern designs of all types. If buyers want to place bulk orders, they can look at our bespoke designs by downloading our catalogue or contacting our experts.
  • Affordable Prices: We reasonably price our graveyard monuments, ensuring maximum transparency. We do not trick our clients with extra or hidden charges on their orders. You only pay for the quality product you deserve and nothing more. Businesses can purchase gravestones from us at prices lower than other market players.
  • Secure Packaging: We ensure our natural stone products reach buyers in their best shape. As we ship from India to different parts of the globe, we understand the significance of proper packaging. Thus, we safely wrap each item with a wooden pellet with layers of foam surrounding all sides after inspection.
  • Quick Deliveries: Being on time is important to us! We strive to make the fastest deliveries and ensure every shipment reaches its destination within 25-30 business days. We manufacture and export to locations including the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the United States from our quarry in India.

Reasons to Get Couple Tombstone

Every gravestone has a meaning and significance that families consider when picking a design, whether religious or non-religious. Besides these two reasons, some additional reasons make selecting a Couple Gravestone to memorialize a couple a thoughtful choice. We have shared a few of them below.

  • Preserving Family Tradition: A Couple Tombstone is usually a legacy in one’s family that commemorates a beautiful couple’s love. It helps create a long-lasting testament of devotion for the coming generations to witness. It gives the close relatives of the departed’s to preserve an essential piece of the family.
  • Symbolizes Shared Connection: When two individuals marry or commit to one another, they take vows to love, care and support each other through health and sickness. Couple grave markers represent this relationship between husband and wife or partners by engraving their names and inscriptions on a shared monument.
  • Help Pay Tribute: A husband and wife spend much of their lives together. They watch each other’s daily lives, achievements, tough times, and milestones. A relationship so wonderful deserves to be remembered even after life. Thus, it helps pay tribute to the journey and experiences shared by the couple.
  • Convenience and Affordability: If we look at the practical side of opting for Headstones Designs for Couples, it is more convenient and affordable than purchasing two monuments. It also makes the headstone selection, manufacturing and supplying procedure easy, delivering a better cohesive memorial for the partners.

Product Description

At Stone Discover, we offer an exhaustive range of Couple Gravestones for buyers to pick from. We have companion, individual, double upright, heart-shaped and Flat Headstone Designs for Couples. All our cemetery monuments are made with premium Indian granite that is excellent for harsh weather conditions and is resistant to scratching, etching, staining, etc.

The product is available in various granite colors like absolute black, Vizag blue/Bahama blue, ruby red, Viscon white, light grey, Indian aurora, etc. If B2B buyers want to customize anything from the color, size, shape, finish, etc., we can deliver the same at competitive prices. Some standard sizes available are 36″ x 12″ x 4″, and so on.


1- What is a Companion Headstone?

A companion headstone is one single headstone for two individuals instead of separate ones. It is usually larger than a standard headstone.

2- What Do You Put on a Headstone for a Couple?

Besides the basic details of the couple, anything from short quotes, Bible verses, epitaphs, inscriptions, etc. Some examples are “In you, I found my forever love”, “Forever and eternal”, etc.

3- Can a Grave Have Two Headstones?

Yes, most cemetery rules allow two headstones on a grave. However, one should check with their local cemetery policies before proceeding with the funeral arrangements.

4- Which Side Is Husband and Wife Buried?

The husband and wife’s burial position is the same as when they get married. The wife is buried on the right, while the husband is buried on the left as you stand at their feet.

5- Why are Families Buried Together?

The idea of families being buried together has existed for years. People often find peace knowing they will rest beside their loved ones after sharing a lifetime.


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