Carrara Classic Quartz

Color White
Origin India
Jumbo 3200 x 1600 mm
Applications Interior, Wall, Kitchen, Backsplash
Finishing Polished
Thicknesses: 20mm | 30mm


Carrara Classic Quartz

We all want our houses to look the best. When people come to visit our houses, our interiors must leave a glitter at the corner of their eyes gleaming with inspiration.

Who does not want this to be a reality?

Everyone wants their visions about interior design to be recognized and appreciated. However, before such recognition or appreciation, the need for self-satisfaction becomes vital.
Thinking about ways to bring that self-satisfaction while glancing through your interiors?

Here Classic Quartz can be the perfect installment! With its undefined grace and elegance, Carrara Classic Quartz can make any space look royal and special. No wonder numerous experts call it to be the divine aura quartz! Let us know about this unique mineral in detail;

Features of Carrara Classic Quartz

The clean and bright structure of this Classic Quartz has certain grey or golden flecks that add to its exuberating flamboyance. However, there are certain features other than its peaking beauty that one must consider. Such stellar features pave the way for its rising popularity in the Indian market;

Highest quality: The best quartz countertops supplier ensures that the Carrara Classic Quartz is of the highest quality. A high-quality mineral quartz will not allow the elegance and shine to mellow down, while the surface feels smooth and adorable. Thus, you would never have to worry about its texture or color degradation.

Scratch proof: The carrara mist quartz is a regular part of the Carrara Classic Quartz countertops. Being part of such kitchen countertops is a testimony of their quality of restricting scratches. Even though your kitchen space would face the constant torture of bowls, plates and glasses, there would not be a single scratch mark on the quartz’s surface. Such a scratch-resistant feature ensures that your kitchen space retains its glamour from the beginning.

Heat resistant: The kitchen space is where we cook our food. Thus, the place bears the constant heat of microwaves or burning gas throughout the day. Despite facing such intense heat for a long duration, the Calacutta Classic Quartz does not imbibe it. They do not absorb any heat, allowing you to work freely without any fear of harm. Often materials with lower heat resistance see a drop in their look and quality over the years. The story is different with the Carrara Quartz!

High durability: The above features are a testimony to the unchallenged durability of this material. Carrara Classic Quartz can sustain the tides of time and emerge a survivor with complete flamboyance retained. Thus, it is an on-time investment for the customers as they can eliminate the worries of replacing it soon.

Benefits of Having Carrara Classic Quartz Countertops

The above-mentioned features are valid pointers to prove the never-ending benefit of Carrara Classic Quartz. Apart from such sustaining features, there are other benefits that you can consider. A glance through such benefits will prove why carrara quartz slabs are such a rampant choice among interior designers;

Proven Affordability: There are very few quartz variants that offer such valiant features at a lower price. Carrara Classic Quartz comes at a reasonable price without compromised quality, design and looks! Thus, all the individuals who fear rising expenditure while indulging in interior designing can relax. Having contemporary kitchen and bathroom spaces without flushing out money is a real possibility now.

Non-porous: Very few people know that the carrara bianco quartz is non-porous. Thus, not a single drop of water would squeeze through its surface, and make the place vulnerable to accidents. Moreover, the hassles of cleaning also get eliminated. There is also a minimal need to have sealants to stop the extra water.

Low maintenance: The Carrara Classic Quartz requires minimal maintenance to hold its versatile beauty. A simple wipe of a cloth or with cleaning agents is enough to help the quartz retain its shine throughout. No wonder why these Classic Quartz countertops are so famous these days!

Always opt for the best and most trusted Classic Quartz countertops supplier while purchasing Classic White Quartz. A natural stone supplier will keep the most authentic items in store for installation in home and commercial spaces. Carrara Quartz countertops will make life easier for you as you have to put minimal effort into making your interiors look gorgeous!

Why Choose Stone Discover?

As one of the most trusted names of the stone industry in the India, Stone Discover is your one stop destination for quality stones. Our Classic Quartz helps inject the much-needed divinity inside your household that makes you feel safe and special at the same time. Our quartz will ensure that you get the best out of your interior designs!


Is Carrara Classic Quartz Durable?

Yes, the quartz retains its glory for a longer duration.

Is the Quartz Costly?

Carrara Quartz comes at an affordable price.

What is the availability of Carrara Classic Quartz?

Your supplier will provide you with the concerned details.