Kota Brown Limestone

Color Brown
Origin India
Other names Kotah Brown, Kota Stone Brown, and Kota Brown Natural.
Applications Wall facades, Cladding, Paving, Flooring
Finishing Machine Cut, Hand Cut, Semi-honed
Available products: Tiles – 30×30, 60×30, 60×60, 60×90 cm


Kota Brown dolomitic limestone is unrivaled in durability and weather resistance. It is well suited for application areas where only legitimate limestone can provide the necessary authentic character. Its color variations are a gradation of buff. Also, the toughness of the stone gives all hand-dressed edges a charming chipped profile, which is particularly appealing.

There are sawn edges on the surface, which is rather flat with a little wrinkled surface as well as a sawn appearance. The Kota brown limestone paving is a classic and timeless garden style that is ideal for any season. A business application can benefit from the stunning features of Kota Brown Limestone, which adds an elegant touch of distinction.

It demonstrates the found natural variety that lends genuine stone all its unique attraction and attractiveness. Each piece has its own fantastic set of colors, textures, and marks, which vary between slabs and within individual parts of the same amount.

Why Kota Brown limestone is used

A naturally found lime sediment known as Kota Brown Stone is considered one of the most unique. It is a super-strong stone that is not significantly influenced by weather fluctuations. It adds a luxurious air to any room, whether in a home or an office.

This stone is famous for use as flooring and wall cladding, and elevations in both residential and commercial projects. It is often used in offices and houses to create a high-end, luxurious atmosphere.

The leather-finished Kota stone brown is used in interior flooring and looks similar to antique polished, seems to be the best Kota stone flooring for indoor and outdoor use. When walking on this type of flooring, you will feel like walking through nature.

Using Kota Brown Limestone tile, you can create the ultimate natural stone look in your home. It has a delicate hue, making it the appropriate foundation for any interior design scheme. Its natural green tones enhance a garden environment, making it a charming addition.

The limestone used to construct the Great Pyramids of Giza was extremely strong and long-lasting. In other words, it is granite renowned for its capacity to withstand the passage of time. It holds up exceptionally well over time, becoming increasingly beautiful as time passes. These tiles will look just as good in your house or garden as everywhere else.

The rough texture provides traction, ensuring that the tile does not become slippery even when wet. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for a garden patio, where rainwater or sprinklers may cause the tiles to become damp. It’s perfect for use in kitchens and some other interior applications.

The open cleft face is an exceptionally long-lasting finish. It is unnecessary to use a buffed & polished finish on your tile because high traffic & periods of prolonged use does not cause it to deteriorate. To take advantage of this, it is recommended for usage in commercial environments where there will be a high volume of foot traffic. The tile also features a gauged back, which provides a flat surface, allowing the tiles to be set in a level & uniform manner when they are installed.


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