Teakwood Sandstone

Color Brown
Origin India
Other names Khatu Teak Sandstone
Applications Cutting Slabs and Tiles
Surface Finish Yes (Sawn)
Popular Size: 4-6 ft.length x 2-3 ft. width x 2-3 ft. height


Do you know about the teakwood sandstones? The teakwood sandstones mostly come in the light brown veins color. This is the amazing sandstone that replicates a fine wooden appearance. This is the most demanding sandstone in the local and global market. The popularity behind this sandstone is its look. Anyone who wants to add richness and glory to their space can try this. The rich color base and its incredible characteristics make this the number one sandstone in the market. This sandstone contains unlimited features like strength and durability, stain resistance, frost resistance, and many others.

By adding this glowing magical sandstone, you can definitely bring a touch of earthy hues. This is the best option for the interior and exterior. Add luxury to indoor and outdoor spaces. This sandstone is highly used for large-scale construction projects; even the interior and exterior designers suggest this to add in flooring, wall covering applications, and crafting for pillars. You can easily see this sandstone in fountains and the beautiful carved designed structures. At Stone Depot, we offer Teakwood sandstone in different dimensions. If you love these multiple thicknesses and finishing products, hiring us is the right time. We are the most trusted and genuine name in the industry of stones. We have been dealing in this industry for more than ten years. Get a perfect platform to explore the high-quality natural stones with customized dimensions and colors.

Teakwood Sandstone is also known as the light yellow veined, smooth sandstone. Teak Wood Sandstone is a fine-grained, thick sandstone with lovely variation and a blended appearance. This is extremely durable and ideal for use outdoors, particularly in pool surrounds. The bold and flamboyant coloring of thick slabs can give a real statement.

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Teakwood Sandstone is famous as Khatu Teak Sandstone which is smooth in texture. It has already won the heart of lots of people. Because of its extensive features, do you want to put this product in a cart? This beautifully carved sandstone is available in lots of variations and gives a blended appearance. This is completely durable and perfect for the outdoors, especially in harsh weather. If you are excited to add this product to your space, check this distinct range of sandstone which adds a real statement. This smooth sandstone is perfect for the wall and flooring options.

We, the Stone Depot, offer the largest varieties of sandstone and other stone materials like granite, marble and many more at a reasonable price. We don’t sell the products directly to the customers but only to the suppliers. If you are working in this same niche, then we welcome you with them wholeheartedly. This is the evergreen option that lasts long for decades. It will be perfectly worth your investment. We provide these stones in bulk and deliver them to your doorstep. There is no need to worry about the quality when you deal with us. We promise to maintain quality and transparency for our customers. For any more queries give us a call or drop a mail.


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