Guide on how to honor lives with Memorial Benches 

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Remembering the gone is a part of the human experience. Be it through pictures, memories made, or giving them a last tribute, everyone has their own way of honoring the deceased. Cemeteries, a whole world, are a place where memories flashbacks, and emotions are felt deeply. While people look for traditional tombstones and gravestones, they are now opting for a more intimate way of remembrance: bench memorials. these bench memorials offer a peaceful space for reflection and a special tribute to the deceased.

In this blog, we will the importance of remembrance and how bench memorials commemorate the lives of those who passed away.

The Significance of Memorial/Remembrance

Remembering and honoring the dead plays a major role in the grieving process. It allows us to find comfort in memories, pay tribute, and acknowledge the impact of the dead on our lives.

Building a memorial is one of the best ways to respect and remember the deceased. It can be done in various ways such as erecting a headstone or bench dedication. Essentially, remembering is a monument to the continuing power of love and the human spirit’s ability to persevere in the face of sorrow, rather than merely a way to preserve memories. By paying tribute to the deceased, we confirm their presence in our lives and make sure their legacy carries on for many more generations.

What is a Bench Memorial?

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A bench memorial or graveside bench is a type of structure in the cemetery placed to honor the dead. It serves a dual purpose as a place to rest for visitors and a forever-lasting tribute to the deceased. These personalized memorial benches often feature messages or engravings that reflect the individuality of the one remembered. These granite memorial benches are personal and that is why every individual can customize them in their personalized manner.

Benefits of Memorial Bench Outdoors

In public areas, memorial benches might be erected to honor the memory of the departed. They can serve as a permanent memorial to the person being remembered and offer a peaceful space for introspection. Additionally, memorial benches can: 

  • Create a feeling of reciprocity

When a bench is placed that many people will use and appreciate, bereaved individuals may feel as if they are making a positive contribution to the community.

  • Make a public expression of gratitude

Memorial benches provide individuals with a concrete means of commemorating the life, accomplishments, and legacy of the person being honored. They offer a public forum for expressing thanks and admiration for the influence the deceased had on the neighborhood.

People often write personalized messages as well. To read more about memorial bench inscription ideas, you can refer to our blog WHAT TO WRITE ON A MEMORIAL PLAQUE?

  • Create a community of bereavement

The installation of memorial benches can facilitate community participation in acts of commemoration, so promoting a sense of shared loss and communal memory. This communal service gives a sense of peace and comfort to those who are mourning.

  • Offer consoling on an emotional level

Memorial benches establish places set aside for reflection and remembering, providing bereaved people with emotional support. These benches allow people a tangible way to express their sadness and pay tribute to the deceased.

  • Be particular

The design of memorial benches can be customized to reflect the personality and hobbies of the person being remembered. These individual touches, ranging from engraved phrases to symbolic ornaments, ensure that the bench honors the departed’s unique life.

  • Serve as a constant reminder

Memorial benches serve as lasting reflections of the departed’s life and legacy, providing focal points for remembrance long after they have passed away. Their presence in public locations ensures that the individual’s memory is preserved and appreciated by the community.

Maintaining Memorial Benches

Merely installing a mem bench is not important but maintaining it over the years is also necessary. Following are some pointers for caring for a memorial bench:

  • To clean the bench and get rid of dirt, debris, and dead leaves, use water, a medium brush, and a light detergent. If the bench hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you can eliminate any green tint and kill germs by applying a clear wood preserver after cleaning.
  • As soon as you can, make any necessary repairs.
  • After removing any previous paint or varnish, coat the wood with an exterior varnish to preserve it. In warmer months, you can lessen end grain movement in teak benches by lightly applying PVA glue to the top and arms of the frame.
  • The bench should be cleaned and dried in the winter before being covered to keep the weather out. The cover can be taken off in the spring.

Honoring lives through bench memorials

bench memorials

Losing a loved one is not in our hands but remembering and honoring them is. This is where memorial bench ideas come into the frame. These benches serve as an everlasting tribute to the deceased. 

Nowadays, there are many inquiries when searching for bench memorials, such as how much a memorial bench costs or how to get a memorial bench in a park. To read more, refer to our blog How to Dedicate a Graves Memorial Benches?.

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