Upright Headstone

Memorializing a deceased loved one is a tough yet essential part of grieving. Families often choose the best tombstone monument to do so. And Upright Headstones are one of the most preferred designs due to many reasons. They are a simple, versatile, and reasonable option. The design offers plentiful opportunities for the bereaved family to customize.

Upright headstone designs feature a raised or an upright monument that sits on a base. They’re visible from a great distance in any graveyard or cemetery. They are one of the traditional styles of tombstones. So, it’s ideal for families who want to remember the departed in a classic and dignified way. But that doesn’t mean the design can’t be modernized.

At Stone Discover, clients can request bespoke monuments. There is plenty of room on upright headstones for graves for different elements. Enhance the beauty and personalize the memorial with artistic engravings, messages and more.

Upright Headstone

Upright Headstone Memorial Collections

Different Types of Upright Headstones

We have different upright grave headstones designs available with us. We aim to ensure a wide product range that aligns with our client’s needs. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Choose an upright monument headstone design that honors and captures the life’s essence of the departed.

Single Upright Headstones

Single Upright Headstones are monument designs that help memorialize a single person. They are larger compared to other gravestone designs. There are two pieces in this design. First is the upright stone and second is the base upon which the upright stone is set. We offer a wide variety of Single Upright Headstones designs and styles to choose from. Clients can customize shapes, sizes, engravings, and much more when buying from us.

Double Upright Headstones

Double or companion upright headstones help commemorate two people. They are larger than single upright headstones. It’s a heart-warming way to honor siblings, loving couples, or close family members. If you’re looking for ideal cemetery monuments for two, consider double upright headstones. Clients can customize the shapes, sizes, colors, inscriptions and much more. Contact us for upright cemetery headstones that will remain beautiful for generations.

Infant Upright Headstones

Infant Upright Headstones are a powerful way to memorialize a departed child. They not only honor the baby’s life, but they also help grieving families cope with the loss. When crafting Infant Upright Headstones, we ensure capturing the child’s joy, innocence, and fun-loving spirit. We use long-lasting materials such as granite to make sure they last for ages with minimum maintenance.

Upright Headstone Product Information

Upright headstones are one of the traditional monument designs. The tombstone design features an upright stone that sits on a base or foundation. It is larger compared to other cemetery monument designs. In some areas, they are also known as table-style gravestones. The design allows the family to opt for traditional or modern laser-etched designs. Customize your headstone with photo-engravings, epitaphs, quotes, and other such decorations.

NameHeadstones, Upright Memorial,  
MaterialAbsolute Black, Galaxy Black, Imperial Red, Paradiso, Light Grey , Impala Black, Bahama Blue or Vizag Blue , Inian Aurora, Tropical Green , Viscon white
Available Tombstone StylePoland Style, French Style, German Style, American Style, Austria Style, Hungary Style, Slovenia Style, Australian Style, Asia style, Russia Style, UK etc.
SizesUpright-headstones 18″x6″x24″ base 24″,30″,34″,60″;36″x6″x24″ base 28″,40″,48″,60″
Surface finishingPolished, honed monument, flamed, brushed, Colorful Pattern, Sculpture tombstone design, Sandblasted
Edges finishingEased, Beveled, Bullnose, Ogee, Cove, Dupont etc.
ShapeApex, Slant, Book, Canopy, Heart, Ogee Series, Oval, Headstone, Taper Desk, Upright
Packing DetailsInside is plastic rub wraps between piece to piece in case of scratch, the empty space is to fill the wooden piece and plastic rub, so that the tombstone is stable. Outside is strong wooden crate.
OEMWe can design monuments for our clients and produce designs as per clients’ request.
Our advantageRich colors available for choice, one stop service.
Payment30% T/T in advance, 70% balance see against copy of B/L

Reasons to Choose Stone Discover as Your Upright Headstones Supplier

  • Experience: We are a renowned natural stone supplier worldwide. We have 40 years of experience and expertise in the natural stone industry. We promise to deliver the finest cemetery tombstones made with high precision and craftsmanship.
  • Customization: We offer bespoke monuments to our clients. Everything from the designs, shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes to engravings can be customized. We can add epitaphs, quotes, Bible verses and even photographs of the deceased.
  • Excellent Availability: We offer a broad size range. If you want small, medium, or large upright memorial headstones, we have it all! That too, at the best prices.
  • Color Options: We offer different color options for upright granite headstones. Our granite color collection includes absolute black, black galaxy, Imperial Red, Bahama Blue, Indian Aurora, Viscont White, Juprana and Light Grey.
  • Reasonable: All our headstones and monuments are affordable. Remember when we say affordable, it doesn’t mean there’s any compromise on quality. We promise to deliver the highest-quality upright granite headstones only. Contact our headstone experts for cheap upright headstones.

Stone Discover - The Best Upright Headstones Supplier

When it comes to selecting upright headstones and their customization, we promise to make it an easy process for you. We aim to take care of memorializing your loved one in an affordable way. So that you can focus on other important things – family, friends and remembering the departed. Stone Discover has been spearheading the natural stone industry since 1984.

With our decades of experience and expertise, we are now emerging as a manufacturer and supplier of headstones and monuments. We promise to create beautiful and long-lasting tributes through our quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and modern technology. Besides, we guarantee secure packaging and on-time deliveries. Explore our unique and personalized monuments at the best prices. For any queries or quotations, contact our experts.


What are Upright Headstones?

Upright headstones are cemetery monuments that sit on a granite base. They are set on a foundation and their sizes and shapes can vary a lot. There is ample space for details, engraving and other designs. One can always personalize them to memorialize their loved one the way they want.

What is a Single Upright Headstone with Two Names?

A single upright headstone with two names is a companion headstone. It serves as a monument to commemorate two people in one grave. It often features a set of two names engraved on the stone with dates. It is a preferred headstone design for lovers and married couples.

What is the Difference between a Headstone and a Marker?

A headstone and a marker are both cemetery monuments. They help identify a burial site or burial ground. The basic difference between the two is their positioning. A headstone is an upright monument, whereas a marker is a flat plaque set on a granite base.

What is the Best Grave Marker?

The best grave marker is made using granite stone. It is durable, hard, and strong. That’s why it has been used to make grave markers for a long time.

How long does a gravestone last?

The answer to this question depends on the material of the gravestone. If it’s a granite that is well-maintained, it can last forever. Certain factors might affect the gravestone, but there are ways to combat them too.


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