Angel Stones

Creating angel headstones is one way the deceased’s family decides to commemorate their sweet memories and well-lived life for eternity. Like every other tombstone, angel memorial headstones symbolize something sentimental and tell a story. People consider angels as the messengers of God and their fellow that guide and protect humankind.

So, families believe adding an angel to the stone makes the departed’s journey to heaven easy and eases their lifetime and afterlife sufferings. A guardian angel headstone is an ideal tombstone design for souls who passed in a tragic accident or from a prolonged sickness.

At Stone Discover, angel wing headstones can be made to order at our natural stone factory. We offer a vast selection of these to choose from to fulfil our client’s order requirements. We manufacture and supply angel stones using the finest quality granite worldwide. We mainly export to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa from India.

Our angel monument headstone is available in shades like absolute black, red ruby, Bahama blue/Vizag blue, Indian aurora, light grey, Viscon white, etc. Tombstone buyers can customize the color, measurement, shape, polish, carve, engraving, etc., according to their needs. We guarantee bespoke and beautifully craved angel headstones at unbeatable prices.


Angel Stones Collections

Stone Discover - Angel Headstone Manufacturers

Stone Discover is the way to go if you are searching for an angel stone for sale. We manufacture and export bespoke monuments for cemeteries using the highest quality granite materials in different colors and expert stonemasonry from India to various parts of the world. Here are a few reasons to consider buying angel stone online from us.

  • Industry Expertise: Stone Discover has been dealing with natural stones since 1948. When purchasing angel cemetery monuments from us, buyers can be at peace knowing the products will be of the finest quality with skilled stonemasonry directly shipped from India.
  • Quality Stonemasonry: No matter how simple or intricate angel headstone designs are, our skilled and experienced stonemasons will deliver products that always exceed your expectation. Buyers can customize the monuments according to their preference, including measurements, granite color, engraving, etc.
  • Competitive Pricing: Angel headstones prices are fair and unbeatable at Stone Discover. We ensure B2B tombstone buyers only pay for the product and craftmanship with no extra or hidden charges. You can download our catalogue or contact our experts if you want to know more about natural stone products and their prices.
  • Secured Packaging: Secure packaging for our product shipment is a pointer that tops our priority list. We ensure every product in the bulk order is securely and safely packaged with little to no possibility of damage. Our angel headstones also go through a rigorous inspection before they’re out for delivery.
  • Convenient Deliveries: Being an angel stone supplier, we understand the significance of timely deliveries. Thus, we ensure the delivery of orders is always punctual. For all International orders, reaching their destination can take up to 25-30 business days.

Stone Discover - Angel Headstone Manufacturers

Every departed soul is different; thus, they deserve a unique fitting tombstone to memorialize them. Some popular designs like an angel and heart headstone are worth considering because they hold a significant meaning behind them. At Stone Discover, we cater to bulk orders from different countries with a wide range of tombstone styles. We are sure buyers will find what suits their requirements.

We can see angels in ancient art; today, we incorporate them into headstone designs. They are meaningful, elegant, and comforting for the departed’s family members. We consider them supernatural, guiding, and protective spirits that watch over the living in their daily lives. When added to headstones, their posture usually illustrates the deceased’s soul being escorted to heaven.

Families feel comfort knowing that the angels watch over and protect their loved ones on their journey beyond this Earth. One cannot underestimate this feeling at such trying times; angel gravestones can offer much-needed closure, solace, and peace to the departed’s family members in the coming years.

Product Description

At Stone Discover, we offer various styles of beautiful angel headstones, such as a headstone three angels, a guardian angel memorial, a weeping angel headstone, an angel bench headstone, a sleeping angel gravestone and much more. We manufacture and supply each monument using our artisans’ highest quality granite slabs skillfully carved at affordable prices.

Buyers can customize the cemetery memorial and place orders by their preference of granite stone color, dimensions, thickness, width, engraving, design, etc. We can design it in colours like Absolute black, Red Ruby, Vizag blue/Bahama Blue, Light Grey, Viscon white, Indian aurora, etc. Check out our latest angel clipart for headstones in our catalogue. If any suits your needs, contact our experts.


1 – What Does an Angel Gravestone Mean?

Every angel gravestone has a different meaning. For example, an angel commemoration with its hand together can mean devotion to God, or an angel crying can illustrate the sorrow of the deceased’s close friends and family.

2 – What Do Angels Symbolize in a Cemetery?

Angels in a cemetery symbolize spirituality. They are the guardians of the deceased’s tombstone and messengers between humankind and God. Each angel headstone design holds a different meaning and purpose.

3 – What Does a Weeping Angel Headstone Mean?

A weeping angel headstone, where an angel is facing downward, usually represents an untimely death of a person by accident, disease, etc.

4 – What is Angel Stone Made of?

At Stone Discover, we manufacture and export angel stone using the finest quality and durable natural stone – Granite. Its durability, resistance to etching, staining, harsh weather conditions and minimal maintenance requirements make it a top choice for making headstone monuments that stand the test of time.

5 – What is the Standard Size of an Angel Stone?

Buyers can customize the sizes of angel stones at Stone Discover according to their needs. However, some standard sizes are 33” (H) x 26” (W), 23” (H) X 18” (W), and so on.


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