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No one should ever be in a position to choose grave markers for a deceased loved one. But it’s an inevitable decision that everyone must make at times in life. Among various cemeteries, flat headstones are a simple, versatile, and affordable option. They are an ideal choice when memorializing an individual or a couple.

They are grass-level grave markers featuring compact designs, custom images, and brief texts. Some other common names for these monuments are flat, flush, or lawn-level markers. They usually come rectangular in granite material with a 4-inch thickness. Buyers can order bespoke sizes, designs, polishes, and granite colours at Stone Discover.

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Our Flat Headstones Collection

Different Types of Flat Headstones

The simple yet unique memorial offers many flat headstone designs. They align well with customer specifications while capturing the departed’s life essence. Even if they’re smaller in size than traditional ones, they’re still suitable, personal, and reasonable. Choosing a flat marker is one of the best ways to remember them dearly.

Here are the two most standard designs for grass-level headstones.

Single Flat Headstones: Single flat headstones for graves always lay flat across the ground. They span and cover the burial plot’s width. Sometimes, they sit on top or flush the ground. Their installation process varies depending on the cemetery guidelines. These are ideal for commemorating one person and offer ease of customization. The monument can carry a name, date of birth and death, personal quotes, designs, symbols, and pictures.

Companion Flat Marker Headstones: Companion granite grave marker is another popular flat marker type. It is a meaningful way to honor a couple’s companionship and love shared throughout life. The marker lies similar to a single marker. It is the texts, designs and symbols that differ. Companion custom flat headstones consist of the pair’s name, date of birth and death and other designs. Choose flush markers and let their legacy live on.

Product Description

Flat granite headstone designs might be smaller than upright monuments, but they’re still a great way to commemorate a loved one. At Stone Discover, we offer grave markers with ample space to have different elements. We can engrave designs, quotes, portraits, symbols and much more on the memorial. Some standard sizes available at us are as follows:

NameFlat Grave Marker , Granite Flat Headstone, Grass Level Headstone, Single Flat Marker
MaterialAbsolute Black, Galaxy Black, Imperial Red, Paradiso, Light Grey , Impala Black, Bahama Blue or Vizag Blue , Inian Aurora, Tropical Green , Viscon white
Available Tombstone StylePoland Style, French Style, German Style, American Style, Austria Style, Hungary Style, Slovenia Style, Australian Style, Asia style, Russia Style, UK etc.
SizesFlat Headstone 12x16x3″ ,28x16x3″ , 36x12x3″ ,12x16x4″ , 28x16x4″ , 36x12x4,
Surface finishingPolished, honed monument, flamed, brushed, Colorful Pattern, Sculpture tombstone design, Sandblasted
Edges finishingEased, Beveled, Bullnose, Ogee, Cove, Dupont etc.
ShapeApex, Slant, Book, Canopy, Heart, Ogee Series, Oval, Headstone, Taper Desk, Upright
Packing DetailsInside is plastic rub wraps between piece to piece in case of scratch, the empty space is to fill the wooden piece and plastic rub, so that the tombstone is stable. Outside is strong wooden crate.
OEMWe can design monuments for our clients and produce designs as per clients’ request.
Our advantageRich colors available for choice, one stop service.
Payment30% T/T in advance, 70% balance see against copy of B/L

Buyers can choose granite colors as per their needs. Our color options are black galaxy, absolute black, steel grey, viscon white, colonial white, colonial gold and more. If you want to place bulk orders, contact us to request a quote or flat headstones with pictures. We can also fulfil bigger memorial demands of upright headstones, plaques, angel stones, couple stones and kerb sets. 

Why Choose Stone Discover as Your Flat Headstones Supplier?

Flat headstone designs are simple and economical. Like traditional headstones, they also have many plus points. Especially, flat granite headstones from Stone Discover offer additional perks and advantages. Here’s why businesses should partner with us.

  • Experience: Stone Discover has been spearheading the natural stone industry since 1984. After years of dealing in granite, marble, and quartz, we are expanding our horizons to flat granite headstone designs. We promise enhanced commitment, durability, and quality at wholesale prices. We aim to supply enduring granite cemetery monuments that stay the same for generations.
  • Customization Options: There’s not much room for alterations in the shape of a flat grave marker. But there are a lot of customization opportunities in the design aspect. We offer different options for incorporating meaningful designs, quotes, symbols, engravings, and portraits. We can execute any embellishments that personalize the gravestone marker further. Each of our custom flat headstones tells a story.
  • Excellent Size Availability: The most common flat grave marker size orders are 12*16*4″, 28*16*4″ and 36*12*4″. We also offer markers with a 3-inch thickness. The standard sizes are enough to accommodate the basic details, portraits, and small epitaphs. But we can offer larger sizes too according to our clients’ demands.
  • Vast Granite Colors: The most common materials for granite grave markers are granite and bronze. At Stone Discover, we offer a wide variety of granite grave markers in different colors. The options we have are – absolute black, black galaxy, steel grey, viscon white, colonial gold and white. Each product comes with vibrant shades, finishes, and textures.
  • Affordable: We ensure we price our flat gravestones reasonably. Our single lawn-level markers can range between 150 to 350 Dollars. Whereas the cost of flat headstone designs for couples can range from 350 to 650 Dollars. Yet, the costs are subject to fluctuations depending on the customization. Unlike other traditional grave markers, staying economical is easier with flush headstones.

Stone Discover - The Best Granite Flat Marker Supplier

Losing a friend or family is extremely difficult. The least we can do is make the funeral arrangements easier. That’s where Stone Discover comes in to help memorialize the departed. We offer different headstone and monument designs at the best prices. Our granite color options, measurements, designs, texture, and finishes are highly flexible.

We have been dealing in quality natural stones since 1984. We take pride in our unwavering dedication to quality and customer service. We aim to supply and distribute unique and personal cemetery monuments at wholesale prices. So, if there’s a design from our range that buyers would like to add to their collection, contact our experts


What does Flat Gravestone Mean?

A flat gravestone is a lawn-level grave marker that lies flush to the ground. It is typical to install them at the head or foot of the burial spot. They come in various materials, dimensions, colors, finishes and patterns.

What are Flat Headstones Made of?

They are generally made of granite or bronze plates since they’re beautiful and long-lasting materials.

What Size is a Flat Gravestone?

Flat gravestones come in custom sizes. However, some standard sizes at Stone Discover are 12x16x4″, 28x16x4″ and 36x12x4″. We can also do them in 3-inch thickness.

What is the Cheapest Type of Headstone?

There are multiple monument options, but the most reasonable choice is a flat marker.

What is the Best Color of a Flat Gravestone?

The most popular shades for flat grave markers are black, grey, and white. Our options at Stone Discover include – galaxy black, absolute black, colonial white, colonial gold, viscous white, Indian aurora, Vizag blue, Bahama blue, red ruby and more.


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