Granite Memorial Grave benches

A headstone should be as special as the lost loved one! If you’re a friend or family searching for unique monuments, consider Memorial Benches. These benches offer a beautiful and thoughtful way to pay tribute to the deceased. Close ones visiting the gravesite can sit on them, reflect, and pray in peace. It can either be a simple bench adjacent or integrated into the main tombstone.

A memorial bench can be set in different places apart from burial sites. It can be set up in a garden, park, or any other public place. The grieving families can also find solace. It gives them a sense that they’re giving something back to the community. The bench will not only be loved by the close ones, but many other people will also appreciate it.

Different areas use different materials to make memorial grave benches. There is a stone memorial bench, granite memorial bench, wooden memorial bench, memorial bench with plaque and much more. Families can create a custom memorial bench as per their preference and budget. At Stone Discover, we offer personalized benches in different designs and materials. Let us know your needs and our creative craftsmen will do what is possible.

Memorial grave benches

Memorial Grave Benches Collections

Types of Memorial Benches

There are various types of memorial benches. Their area of installation and design can differ a lot. Some are set at actual burial sites while some are set in gardens, parks, and other community spaces. They all have their own meanings and significance. The final choice of grave benches depends on the deceased family’s preference and budget. Let’s get conversant with different kinds of cemetery benches or memorial benches.

Cemetery Benches

Cemetery benches are permanent pieces of furniture/fixtures that commemorate the deceased. They are an ideal addition to your choice of memorial monument. They are made using materials like wood, metal, or stones. At Stone Discover, we use beautiful and long-lasting natural stones such as granite. Visitors can sit on these benches while remembering their loved ones. Design a custom stone bench at Stone Discover at wholesale prices!

Memorial Garden Benches

Memorial garden benches are identical to cemetery benches. The difference is that they’re set up outdoors in gardens. If the lost loved one liked taking walks or sitting in the garden, honoring them using a garden bench can be very thoughtful. Families can put it in their personal gardens anywhere. These benches can also be used to inscribe an event or memory. Contact us to design a personalized memorial bench for your garden.

Memorial Park Benches

Memorial Park benches are also like cemetery benches. But they can also commemorate significant events besides remembering a departed loved one. They can also be used to convey a message to the public. Memorial benches for parks are remembered and appreciated for decades by generations. If you want to create custom and unique outdoor memorial benches, contact us at Stone Discover.

Granite Memorial Grave Bench Product Information

While many families go with traditional headstone designs, you can choose Memorial Benches. They are unique and have profound meanings. In general, they are made using stones, metal, or wood. But at Stone Discover, we use natural stones. Granite is a popular stone option, it’s beautiful and long-lasting. The granite colors available at us are absolute black, black galaxy, Imperial Red, Bahama Blue, Indian Aurora, Viscon White, Juprana and Light Grey.

NameMemorial Grave Benches , Granite Memorial Bench
MaterialAbsolute Black, Galaxy Black, Imperial Red, Paradiso, Light Grey , Impala Black, Bahama Blue or Vizag Blue , Inian Aurora, Tropical Green , Viscon white
Available Tombstone    StylePoland Style, French Style, German Style, American Style, Austria Style, Hungary Style, Slovenia Style, Australian Style, Asia style, Russia Style, UK etc.
SizesBench Top 48″x14″x4″(1 Piece),
Bench Leg 4″x10″x14″(2 Piece),
Bench Back 48″x16″x2″(1 piece),
Bench Top 48″x14″x2″(1 piece),
Bench Leg 30″x18″x3″(2 piece)
Surface finishingPolished, honed monument, flamed, brushed, Colorful Pattern, Sculpture tombstone design, Sandblasted
Edges finishingEased, Beveled, Bullnose, Ogee, Cove, Dupont etc.
ShapeWillow Bench, Deluxe Bench, Traditional Ada Bench, Monarque Bench, Silhouette Bench, Economizer Traditional Bench, Cambridge Bench, Economizer Bench, Park Classic Bench, Land Mark Bench
Packing DetailsInside is plastic rub wraps between piece to piece in case of scratch, the empty space is to fill the wooden piece and plastic rub, so that the tombstone is stable. Outside is strong wooden crate.
OEMWe can design monuments for our clients and produce designs as per clients’ request.
Our advantageRich colors available for choice, one stop service.
Payment30% T/T in advance, 70% balance see against copy of B/L

Stone Discover - The Best Memorial Bench Supplier

Memorial benches are a thoughtful and gentle way of remembering and honoring the departed. Some people like the idea of being close to nature and their favorite spot is in a garden or park. To commemorate such loved ones, unique memorial benches are an ideal choice. At Stone Discover, we manufacture and export outdoor bench memorial of all kinds. Clients can also customize memorial benches for loved ones at reasonable costs.

Besides benches memorial, we also make memorial plaques for benches. Buyers can also personalize the memorial bench plaque as per their needs. We offer customizations in designs, shapes, sizes, engravings, and granite colors. We have been in the industry for four decades. We promise to deliver high-quality personalized outdoor benches and memorial bench plaques. Contact us for precise craftsmanship, customization, and secure packaging at wholesale prices.

Why Choose Stone Discover for Memorial Benches?

There are many compelling reasons to partner with us for Memorial Benches. Let’s look at some of the top reasons below.

  • Expertise: Stone Discover has been in the natural stone industry since 1984. We have over 40 years of experience, expertise, and legacy. With our years of knowledge, we are now acing the manufacturing and supply of headstones and monuments. We guarantee to deliver premium quality products with the finest craftsmanship.
  • Option to Customize: We allow for customizations to our buyers. Be its shape, size, style, or color, we promise to deliver a bespoke monument at the end.
  • Size Availability: We have different sizes available at us. Buyers can place orders for regular as well as custom sizes.
  • Color Choices: We have a wide range of granite color options. Our collection includes absolute black, black galaxy, Imperial Red, Bahama Blue, Indian Aurora, Viscon White, Juprana, Light Grey and more colors.
  • Affordable: We offer cemetery headstones and monuments at the best prices! We also guarantee no comprise on the quality of the products when they reach their destination.


What is a Bench Memorial?

A bench memorial is a way to pay tribute to your loved one. It can be installed in gardens, parks, or any other public spaces. Families can customize it as per their needs and preferences.

What are Memorial Benches Made of?

Memorial benches can be made of any material. In general, they are made of wood, metal, and stones. At Stone Discover, we use hard, strong, and enduring materials such as granite.

How Long Do Memorial Benches Last?

Memorial benches made of natural stones like granite can last up to decades.

What Do People Put on Memorial Benches?

People often prefer to keep it simple. They choose to go with “in loving memory”, or “in memory of”, and so on.

Can You Put a Bench in a Cemetery?

Yes, benches can be set up in a cemetery. But the cemetery rules and regulations differ from region to region.


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