Most Popular Granite Colors for Headstones & Tombstones Monuments

Granite Colors for headstones

The headstones and monuments let the person live forever, even after their passing, the architecture is there to remember the departed eternally. The deceased is even remembered through the soil, where he left his body, through the monument and headstone, where he took his/her last breath. The place where headstones are placed carries deep sanctity as it is held forever. Loved ones can visit, pay reverence to their departed soul, and spend time in the given setting.  

Generally, people choose Granite Headstone Colors as they align with their budget, quality expectations, and durability.  They can embed the words and give an appealing visual façade to a granite monument stone than any other stone. Also, some communities consider certain specific varieties of granite as they have religious associations with it.  Also, Granite is an incredibly diverse natural stone material with a wide range of colors from black, brown, grey, pink, green, blue, and more. However, some colors are more popular than others. Do you want to know which granite colors? Scroll to learn more about varieties of granite colors-  

Popular Indian and Imported Granite Headstones Colors 

Indian Granite Headstones Colors

Jet Black Granite Gravestones – 

Absolute Black or Jet-black granite is an Indian Granite known for its deep, rich black color. This granite color headstone exudes elegance and offers a timeless appeal. Let’s read other reasons below –  Some popular black shared in granite headstones are Absolute Black, Indian Impala Black, Africa Impala Black, Galaxy Black, Black Pearl, Bengal Black and more

Aesthetic Appeal – Jet Black granite monuments are popular in India and abroad as black can accentuate any design or lettering.  It can look classy and royal at the same time.  This natural stone memorial color is preferred by people who look forward to giving a classic façade to black granite gravestones. Shades like galaxy black and black pearl are trending colors of the season.  
Durability and Quality – Another peculiar reason why families pick black granite gravestones is that it doesn’t get dusty and shady with time. The essence of the quality remains for years to come.  

Shades of Blue cemetery granite markers 

Blue can never wither with time or ongoing pages in our lives, it stays because of its pleasant facade.  Also, picked from the Indian realm, this granite for monuments rages in many countries. Also, read other factors  

Aesthetic Appeal – Blue granite headstone colors have varied shades like – Bahama Blue / Vizag Blue / Orion Blue / Lagoon Blue, Sapphire Blue , Himalayan Blue and Blue Pearl headstone. Also. Shades of blue granite evoke a sense of composure. The griever can sit, muse and stay nostalgic with a sense of calmness while remembering the deceased soul.  

Durability and Quality – The quality of granite is durable which makes it perfect for a cemetery setting. Also, it can be customized to align with the persona of the departed person. These attributes make this granite gravestone popular everywhere around the world. 

Connotation of Grey Color Tombstones 

Grey is a color of humility and loss; this symbolic meaning makes buyers buy as they can relate their loss to these colored tombstones. Grey granite colors have variations in light and dark shades which reflect its timeless appeal, rest other factors are –  

Aesthetic Appeal – Grey is a neutral color and hence it can match the environment of the cemetery. Also, the grey colors of headstones can allow varied inscriptions and designs as this shade can blend well with any color.  This all improves the aesthetics of the granite memorial marker. Some popular greyish shared in granite headstones are Silver Grey, Barre Grey, Dark Grey and Light Grey.  
Durability and Quality – Granite headstones being sturdy can withstand harsh environments too, even rain can’t dwindle the greyish color of the cemetery granite markers.

Shade of White Tombstones  

The eternal peaceful aura and durability of the white granite color make it a popular choice for headstones and monuments globally. The piousness of this color can bring forth energies of peace and nostalgia. Stone Discover is known for its white headstones, especially the shade white viscount granite headstones for graves. Some popular white shared in granite headstones are Sierra White, Colonial White, Crystal White and Light Grey White, White Pearl, Imperial White, and White Wave and more.

Appeal – White is a light color and hence can exhibit loyalty, splendor, and tribute. Encompassing energies of peace, this can soothe the departed soul and the one who is grieving.  
Quality – white tombstones ensure longevity in the outdoor setting. Though light in color, still it can be cleaned immaculately. The light color ensures that the lettering on tributes remains legible over time.

Shades of Olive green for granite tombstone 

The enchanting aura of the olive-green-colored granite makes it a popular selection for memorializing cherished memories. Resonating with natural elegance, this color stands apart from the rest of the colors.  Another reason for green tombstones’ growing popularity is mentioned below –  

Aesthetic Appeal – The Olive Green granite memorial marker stands a stunning tribute, that reflects the poetic and artistic sensibilities of the selector. The look of the  
Quality – The white tombstones ensure longevity in the outdoor setting.  The olive-green color makes it artistic, and poetic and can also become a tribute with creative epitaphs.  
The above granite headstones are extremely popular however even colors like India Red and purple are nowadays purchased by the wholesalers. This is because the populace generally picks something that reflects their persona and journey of life.

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