Difference between Granite Headstones vs. Marble Headstones

marble vs granite headstones

Headstones are personal memorials and tributes carved through stones for someone special. Populace around the world choose headstones and get them carved uniquely. Some get angel headstones, and some cherry-pick the design that reflects the deceased person. The personalization of the headstone is extremely deep, which is why the stone’s material is also carefully researched and picked.

Generally, the most popular stones used for constructing the headstones are granite headstone and Marble headstone. Even while choosing the rocks on headstones for slabs for graves, there are various connotations. Some choose as per the emotion they carry, some through cultural influence and some through quality and budget considerations. There are some countries where headstones have been picked as per their cultural significance.

People pick granite gravestones and marble gravestones as they are famous for their features like durability, elegance, and versatility. They make the headstone look like a piece of art, and people in various parts of the country are fond of artefacts or historical musings. For instance, in Neo classical era, they picked a marble headstone more as it could give an elaborate façade to the detailing.

Understanding the differences between granite and marble headstones can help you make an informed, deeply felt, and personal decision. You can create a song that will live on, a journey that will stay forever embedded in a cherished memorable headstone.

Please scroll down, read, and decide whether to choose granite headstones for graves or marble headstones for graves

Main Difference between marble headstones for graves and granite headstones for graves

Granite Tombstone –

granite headstone

Granite headstones have evolved during the 20th century as they can be customized per one’s whims and fancies. Since then, it has become a popular slab for graves. Let us see the key advantage of why buyers prefer granite slabs for graves –

  • Extreme Durability: Granite is known for its long-term durability and its ability to handle harsh weather conditions. Its durability makes it a choice for outdoor memorials. Be reckoned as a resilient natural stone, it can withstand severe storms, rains, unwanted chips, and cracks. This is because it is not made by machine, granite natural stone is made up by natural geological processes. The formation takes thousands or millions of years.
  • Splendid Appearance: Granite grave marker plaques are known for their striking appearance and incorporate color ranges like black, grey, pink, and blue. This range of granite headstone colors allows the buyer to customize as per the persona and taste of the persona of the deceased.
  • Easy Maintenance: It requires minimal maintenance, usually limited to occasional cleaning with water and a mild soap solution to retain its shine and finish.
  • Cost-Friendly: Granite headstones are cost-effective, thereby considered a convenient choice for the family.

Marble Headstones

white marble headstone

Marbles are popular for their classy appeal. The white marble gravestones and black marble headstones are majorly considered when one seeks to give a royal look to the headstone. However, the major reasons why they are picked are mentioned below –

  • Outer Regal Appearance: Marble Headstone is picked for its smooth finish and texture, making it high-end and niche. This seamlessness in the tone of the stone enhances the overall quality of the marble grave marker.
  • Unique Touch: The elegant white color allows intricate detailing, making carving possible with dainty details. Those who yearn for creative, poetic headstones go for Marble grave markers only, as detailing is possible here.
  • Sensitivity: Marble is more porous than granite, which can make it susceptible to staining from environmental factors like acid rain or bird droppings. Appropriate maintenance is recommended to keep beauty intact.

Which one should you choose?

If you are wondering what a tombstone is made of then, it depends on Choosing the Right Material When deciding between granite and marble headstones, consider these factors:

  • Evaluate the Location: If the location you seek is outdoors, then granite should be considered as it is more sturdy and solid. If indoors, then consider marble as it will add a luxury appeal to the ambience.
  • Consider the Design Preferences: If you seek detailing and intricate design, then you should pick a marble grave marker. The marble headstone can proffer more detailing. The granite headstones colors are exquisite, but marble has more splendor
  • Budget Preference: Many people ask what more expensive granite or marble is, and then with the blog you just get an idea of the cost-effectiveness of the granite bench grave marker. The marble headstone cost is higher, and Granite is more cost-effective and can look beautiful even because of its varied colors. Some colors reflect a premium look despite being more reasonable than marble.


Eventually, the choice of headstone you seek to book for your loved ones, or you are based on your preference. Whether you opt for the durable slabs for the grave or the intricate details of marble, both natural stones ensure a heartfelt tribute to your loved one’s memory.

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