Stones on graves

Why Do People Put Stones on Graves? 

Putting stones on graves is an ancient tradition that dates to biblical times. Over the years, people have commemorated their loved ones by stacking stones on their graves. And like every old age tradition, the custom of leaving stones on graves has evolved a lot. As per popular belief, the initial idea behind this was to mark the burial site and protect it from animals.  But, with time, people around…

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Angel Headstone

What is the Significance of an Angel Headstone? 

When choosing a headstone design for a departed loved one, we often feel the need to choose something meaningful. And while some might select a traditional headstone, others might look for unique designs. For instance, a design that offers solace and meaning such as an angel headstone. When words aren't enough to express, angel monuments offer a meaningful way to memorialize the deceased.  Angels have a fascinating history. We can…

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granite colors slabs warehouse

11 Most Popular Granite Countertops Colors of 2024

If you're designing or remodeling a kitchen, don't ever overlook a countertop's significance. They are an essential part of your kitchen's design and functionality. The kitchen's final look depends on the granite countertops you pick. And while it's vital to select a durable material, the space must not look outdated. So, remember to choose the right material, color, pattern, and finish before installing.  White and bright kitchen spaces have always…

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Memorial plaque

What to Write on a Memorial Plaque?

Losing a loved one is one of the most heartbreaking emotions that humans can feel. Upon someone's departure from this world, the least we can do is to memorialize them. It honors their life and gives their family closure. A memorial plaque and final arrangement can allow the close ones the time to celebrate a life. And revisit it later. If memory plaques are your choice of cemetery monument to…

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Limestone Vs Sandstone

Limestone vs Sandstone: Which is the Better Choice?

Limestone vs sandstone, these two natural stone varieties, might seem ordinary but play crucial roles in shaping residential and commercial landscapes. Both contribute immensely to aesthetics and structural integrity in the architectural and construction industries. In this blog, we will comprehensively analyze the world of sandstone vs limestone and compare their origins, compositions, durability, appearance, unique characteristics, cost and more. Whether you are an architect or a procurement expert, scroll…

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20 Things to Do to Help People Who Are Grieving 

When we lose a loved one, lives don't just disrupt but change forever. When someone we care about experiences the death of a dear one, we often struggle to find the right words to comfort them in the grieving process. We might not be able to take away their grief, but that does not mean we cannot do anything to offer comfort and support. Little things like your presence can…

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Heartfelt Memorial Quotes for Dads and Grandads in Heaven 

A lot of deliberation goes into creating a memorial for a loved one. It is more than just a headstone; it is the final goodbye that a family gets to say as they honor the departed's treasured memories and time on earth. What is written on the gravestone is equally essential.   Aside from basic details, an inscription on the natural stone is emotionally meaningful. And in this post, we'll present…

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The Perfect Headstone for Your Loved One : A Comprehensive Guide

If we think about one of the toughest things humans do in a lifetime, it is grieving the loss of a loved one. The deceased's departure leaves many memories and some difficult decisions behind. Selecting tombstones for graves is the most challenging yet crucial decision a family must make to create an everlasting memory of the departed.   There are several factors to consider when selecting the ideal headstone, including the…

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