Amba White Granite

Other namesAmbas White Granite or Bianco Amba Granite
ApplicationsCountertops, stairs, window sills, wall, floor, and fountain
FinishingBush-hammered, lepatora, honed, flamed, polished, brushed, and leather
Available products:Countertops and vanity tops – Custom sizes
Cutter slabs – 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
Gangsaw slabs – 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
Tiles – 30×30, 30×60, and 60×60 cm
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Amba White granite supplied by Stone Discover is one of the great fits for a variety of residential as well as commercial buildings. Everyone prefers white granite for their living room and kitchen while looking for floors, countertops, vanity tops and more.

Furthermore, a white granite colour with veins and lines all over the surface is the perfect selection. The Amba white granite stone originated from South India is an excellent choice for those who want the proper material, colour, and style. This stone is suitable for a variety of construction purposes as well as aesthetic preferences for inside and outside decoration.

When any natural stone like granite is robust, beautiful, and multifunctional, it appeals to everyone. Amba white granite dazzles in the white colour with a smooth, clean surface with an exquisite appearance. This stone originates from the sheet bedrock quarry near Tamil Nadu, India. This stone product is perfect for kitchen countertops, flooring styles and for different vanity tops because it has so many features and attractions.

Amba white granite is a beautiful stone that goes nicely with various coloured wooden cabinets. The stone’s finest compatible quality is that it works well in various kitchen designs where cabinets, furniture, and flooring elevate the space.

Are you ready to export Amba White slabs with Stone Discover?

Amba white granite stone has the ability to brighten up any space in which it is placed. The original beauty of the amba white granite is found in its flecks and variances. We can help you create the exact style and variation of stone for your kitchen, making this white granite look so opulent and stylish.

When looking at the surface of Amba White Granite, you’ll see that it’s a medium-grained stone with fascinating cream tints and medium-sized clear crystals. The white foundation, which is smeared with grey-hued veins and brown spots, is something we, Stone Discover, manufacture to make this attractive stone look even more distinctive.

Amba White is known as one of the stiff and hardest natural stones, which has an extremely strong and long-lasting surface. It is made by following several processes like cutting, scraping, or other forms of manipulation. If properly sealed, it usually lasts for a long time.

Amba white granite is stain-resistant and can withstand any condition. Surprisingly, this stone conceals flaws and faults. Furthermore, tiny surface imperfections, watermarks, and fingerprints are less evident on this granite, which has a wide range of qualities. A customer can examine the granite’s physical characteristics and qualities as well as us to know the exact amba white granite feature.

As one of the providers, we are capable of meeting all granite needs in a professional manner to obtain excellent Amba white granite solutions for customers. At competitive pricing, we sell and supply white granite in bulk. Similarly, we offer selected and best items available on demand. This amba white granite is a practical and appealing natural stone that is known for its beautiful lustre and ease of cleaning.