Azul Novo Granite

Color Grey or Blue
Origin India
Other names Azul Nueva Granite, Nueva Blue Granite
Applications Indoor Use In Kitchen, Countertops And Table Tops
Finishing Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled
Available products: Multisize
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One of the most popular and exotic granite from Rajasthan in North India is the Azul Novo granite. It is widely used all over the world in the present timeline due to its durability and variation in colour. The colour of the granite ranges are between grey and blue with thick black lines. It is one of the most unique types of natural granite as you will not find any two granites similar. It gives an unblemished design when you use it in kitchen, stairways, bathrooms or similar areas.

The Azul Novo granite is made of hard stone that can withstand stains. Since it is durable, you can use it for flooring to give an exquisite look. You can get Azul Novo granite in various designs and textures and hence it is one of the top sought granites worldwide. You can use the granite at any place in your house or office as it is durable and resistance to heat. Due to its high chemical resistance and anti-bacterial features, you can Azul Novo granite in bathroom walls, flooring and in kitchen. It acts as a tough resistance to moisture and high humidity.

The cost of Azul Novo granite depends upon its quality. There are various variations of the granite and hence the cost also differs depending upon the shape and size. It is best, if you hire a professional to install the granite at your preferred area in your house or office. Once you install the granite, it delivers a grand look. You can get the Azul Novo granite in the form of slabs, countertops and tiles. Hence, depending upon the size, you can install it at the key areas of your house that are exposed to extreme temperature and wear and tear.

Decorate your kitchen with Azul Novo granite

It is time; you change the look of your kitchen. The Azul Novo granite kitchen countertops come in various shapes and colour. So, you can deck up your kitchen with the granite colour that matches the walls. Kitchen is a place that is exposed to high heat and humidity. There is a lot of moisture in the kitchen that needs continuous cleaning to keep the equipment in perfect order. The only solution to a clean and healthy kitchen is applying our Azul Novo granite kitchen countertops. It can sustain any extremes of temperature and since it is durable, installing the granite is not a bad investment. One of the primary unique features of our Azul Novo granite is its durability.

Cleaning is necessary

It is of utmost importance to keep the Azul Novo granite countertops clean. The stains in your kitchen make the granite dirty. One of the best methods to clean the granite is by using water. Since, it is water-resistant, it absorbs the water. You can also use oil-free cleaners to give a shining look to your granite. However, if you are using any cleaner, you must first clean the surface of the granite with warm water and dry it with a clean cloth. You can also use sealers that help the granite from further damage.

Therefore, if you want to buy a granite that is durable and cost effective, then you must buy the best; Azul Novo granite. Our professionals will install the granite in your house or office at anytime of the day. It is just a call away for getting the best investment of your life.