Fantasy Brown Marble

Color Brown
Origin India
Other names Brown fantasy marble, aurora fantasy marble, fantasy brown India marble, India fantasy brown marble, glacier sands marble, and Cadbury marble
Applications Countertops, kitchen islands, accent walls, and floor tiles
Finishing Leather, Polished, Honed, Lepatora, Brushed, Bush Hammered, Antique
Available products: Countertops and vanity tops – Custom sizes
Tiles – 30×30, 30×60, 60×60 CM
Cutter Slab – 180 X 60 Cm
Thickness – 2-3 Cm
Gangsaw – 260 X 160 Cm
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Fantasy Brown Marble is a wonderful stone that can elevate spaces to new heights of style. It features soothing swirls and patterns in beige, gray, and creamy white colors. The subtle and intricate veining is crafted by nature and perfected by artistry. Its allure does not lie merely in its aesthetic charm but also its durability and versatility. The benefits of brown fantasy marble know no bounds. Looking for marble fantasy brown? Contact Stone Discover.

Top Reasons to Choose Fantasy Brown Marble

There are myriad reasons to choose brown marble slabs. It’s stunning, durable, versatile, and much more. It can complement different designs and settings, be it modern or traditional. Homeowners, designers, architects, and fabricators value it alike. Choose brown fantasy marble and transform your spaces into an elegant sanctuary. Let’s look at the reasons to select brown marble countertops over other materials.

Warm Appearance: Fantasy Brown Marble offers a warm yet dramatic appearance. Besides, its neutral color makes it easy to match it with other design elements.

Durable: It is harder and more durable compared to other marble surfaces. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help enhance its longevity.

Easy Maintenance: Its cleaning and maintenance are not that hard. Daily cleaning needs water, a mild cleaner, and a soft cloth. Besides, an annual sealing treatment is enough for the surface.

High Resistance: It’s resistance towards heat, scratches, and stains to a great extent. Surface sealing further enhances its resisting abilities.

Versatile: Brown marble has many applications. It can be used for various interior purposes like countertops, flooring, and walls.

Adds Value: It also adds to the property’s value. Be it a commercial or residential space, installing brown fantasy can be excellent for reselling purposes.

Popular Applications of Fantasy Brown Marble

The benefits of fantasy brown countertops make it ideal for different applications. Here are some of its most popular applications below.

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Vanity Tops
  • Bar Tops
  • Bathroom Walls
  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Flooring
  • Cladding
  • Swimming Pool Areas
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Handicrafts

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