Fantasy White Marble

Color White
Origin India
Thickness 17, 18, 20, 30 mm
Applications Staircase, Flooring, Kitchen Top, Countertops
Finishing Leather, Brushed, Polished, Honed
Available products: Countertops and vanity tops – Custom sizes
Tiles – 30×30, 30×60, 60×60 CM
Cutter Slab – 180 X 60 Cm
Thickness – 2-3 Cm
Gangsaw – 260 X 160 Cm
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Have you ever gone through the selection of the fantasy white marbles collection? If you are looking for the rarest fantasy, white marble comes to us. We, the Stone Discover, offer the widest range of marbles, granite, and quartz slabs. We are the most trusted supplier of exclusive stones with distinct features. Any wholesalers or suppliers of marble can come to connect with us.

This fantasy white striking, bold pattern marble gives an amazing look to your home. This marble is considered one of the majestic white looks, and it comes with thicker patterns that look amazing on the interior and exterior purposes. Want to Flooring, Countertops, Kitchen, Wall Cladding, and Tabletop?

Visit Stone Discover and see the largest high-quality fantasy white & brown marbles, which go smoother with the Vanity tops, Steps, basin, and Risers. The Fantasy White Marble Tiles have a classic white finishing. A tiny crystal that shimmers like glitters enhances the marble. Give your house a subtle shimmering sparkle, which gives a modern fantasy look. If you want to experience the feeling of lavish hospitality, then add these to your flooring, walls, bathrooms, and back-splashes. We provide different dimensions of marble slabs.

This vibrant majestic white fantasy marble keeps a special place in our lives. Fantasy white marble can be paired with almost any other space and bring that metamorphic stone look. It is widely used in projects like hospitals, hotels, etc. Get the warm, classic, and luxury look by adding these to your space.

The Fantasy White marble is perfect for a modern interior, and you can easily notice them on mansions, churches, and temples. Most homeowners and interior designers choose fantasy white marble tiles because of their features like strength and durability. This is also scratch-free for years and gives your house a stunning and appealing look. Apart from all, it’s a natural stone, so you don’t need to fear germs and allergen.

Where Can You Install Fantasy White Marbles?

The fantasy white marble tiles are used because of their classiness and can be installed in all rooms, especially the bedrooms. These tiles come with the ethereal beauty that will shine on the interior as well as the exterior of your space. If you dream of giving your space a simple yet modish style, this would be ideal.

Want to get a stunning Bathroom with the right tiles? The marble tiles are the perfect choice because of the special effect on bathrooms. This will take you to the fantasy world. With this marble, you will get traditional but contemporary bathroom designs.

You can also use this in your kitchen and define the style. This is the most decorative element that can turn up the look of your home. The design ideas of these fantasy white marbles are endless. Get a spacious as well as a lavish look that can turn the boring space into interesting. Try to blend this with different colors and check the difference.