Pink Sandstone

Other namesBansi Pink, Jodhpur Pink, and Modak
UsesBuild Furniture, Troughs, Lampshades, Planters, Urns, Vases, Fountains
Available products: Custom sizes- Available
Step Blocks – 75-200 X 35 X 15 CM
WALL CLADDING – 100 X 25-45 X 5 CM
PALISADE – 10-12 X 12-25 X 30-250 CM
TILES – 30 X 30, 60 X 30, 60 X 60 AND 60 X 90 CM


As the name proposes, Pink Sandstone is a mix of sober pink with dashes of Pink Sandstone tones. This Sandstone is an excellent and flexible item. The Stone Discover Pink Sandstone adds a sensation of warmth and immortal polish to praise or component any plan. It has the property of being etched and dressed into a smooth surface. It is broadly utilized for material and deck stones and concerning clearing and framing purposes. It has likewise used radiates, support points, curves, entryways, window ledges, divider facings, fence posts, grindstone, etc. This stone is exceptionally impervious to acids, soluble bases, and saltiness.

It also gives protection from warm difference and is reasonable for the development of structures close to beaches or as a deck material and divider looking in substance businesses because of its corrosive and antacid safe properties. This Sandstone became famous because of its sturdiness, strength, and excellence. This Sandstone of  Stone Discover is utilized as the sole structure in practically all respectful works. Pink Sandstone is a decent decision as it gives a contemporary, conventional look. One can use these clearing styles to give their home a new traditional stylistic layout.

The most excellent assortment of Sandstone of Stone Discover is the pink Sandstone, a local stone of Rajasthan. It observes vast applications in scene planning projects across the globe. For instance, Pink Natural is highly popular in numerous nations. In Europe, Sandstone is tremendously utilized in scene engineering, joined with inside and outside cladding. The standard stone mirrors a beautiful regular, hearty pink tone with a grainy surface and customary sheet material that effectively draws in. Aside from this, the stone gives outrageous protection from unforgiving components. It has a characteristic enemy of slip surface, which settles on it an extreme decision for deck, clearing, porches, and pathways.

Availability Of Pink Sandstone

The Pink Sandstone comes in a variety of ranges from which to choose. But it would help if you always went for a trusted supplier, and Stone Discover stands out. You can choose from a wide range of alternatives and qualities with Stone Discover. The variations of Pink Colors Sandstone are also mentioned and available. This pink-colored Sandstone is an excellent option because it has various marble options.

Pink Sandstone is preferred over other stones because it has a high-end finish and looks exquisite in stairwells, counters, walls, and floors. Without much effort, a person can enjoy the elegance of Pink Sandstone in his home. This Sandstone is solid, long-lasting, and elegant Sandstone that is difficult to compare to other marbles.

As a striking standard stone provider, Stone Discover gives pink sandstone in various gets done and shapes. We have our quarries at the beginning of Pink Sandstone, where we process premium quality regular stone. We, the Stone Discover, offer an expansive extent of sandstone areas and tiles that increase the presence of your home. We are one of the most renowned decisions where anyone can come and attain their pursuits by presenting them.