Cost of Flat Grave Marker and Flat Headstone? A price breakdown 

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Finding a way to honor a loved one while commemorating the loss of a loved one is a painful and emotional process. One of the most recognized ways to commemorate the deceased is using flat headstones and flat grave markers. These durable memorials lie flat on the ground offering an elegant and dignified honor to the dead and can be customized according to the personality of the deceased.  

When looking at grave markers and flat headstone designs, it is also necessary to consider facts like how much a flat headstone costs. Such knowledge is useful in offering accurate prices to clients, managing expectations and guaranteeing the best value for money.  

With the help of this write-up, we aim to provide you with the breakdown of the cost of flat headstones and grave markers. We will evaluate all factors influencing the price of grave markers and headstones. By the end of this web post, you will have a thorough understanding of the factors that influence overall pricing, allowing you to make informed decisions and provide competitive pricing to your clients. 

Difference Between Flat Headstones and Grave Markers 

Flat memorials are a popular choice for cemeteries as they provide a simple and elegant way to remember loved ones. However, in this category there are two major options available, as such: 

Flat Headstones: A flat slab of stone, usually granite or marble, set vertically at the head of a burial. It looks like a regular gravestone; however, it sits directly on the ground rather than standing upright. 

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Flat Grave Markers: A lawn marker, also known as a flush marker, is a flat stone or bronze plaque placed immediately on the ground to mark the cemetery. 

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The primary difference between flat headstones and flat grave markers lies in its position and prominence: 

  • Placement: Headstones for grave stand upright at the grave much like traditional headstones, whereas grave plaques lie on the ground covering the entire gravesite. 
  • Prominence: Flat headstones are more visible because of their upright orientation. Flat grave markers provide a more discreet remembrance, blending in with the surrounding landscape. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of Flat Grave Marker

How much does a flat grave marker cost? The most common question asked. It is important to know that the cost of flat headstones and grave plaques varies on various factors. Here’s a breakdown on these factors: 


The type of material used significantly impacts the price of flat headstones and grave markers. Below is the list of materials used for flat monuments for graves: 

  • Granite: Granite, known for its durability and color variation, is a popular material for flat headstones and burial markers. It can survive extreme weather conditions while maintaining its look for decades. 
  • Bronze: Bronze is widely utilized for its exquisite appearance and ability to be molded into elaborate shapes. Bronze markers are commonly set on granite bases, combining the advantages of both materials. 
  • Marble: Marble is less frequent because of its vulnerability to weathering, but it provides a classic, ageless appearance. 
  • Other Materials: Sandstone and other natural stones are occasionally utilized for their distinctive textures and colors, though they may be less durable than granite or bronze. 

Size and Thickness 

The size and thickness of your flat headstone or grave marker plays a major role in its cost.  Here’s a breakdown which helps you in navigating in these options: 

Standard Size: 

Flat headstones and burial markers are normally available in standard sizes, with occasional variants supplied by manufacturers. Common sizes include: 

  • Flat headstones measure 24″ x 12″ x 4″ (length, breadth, thickness). 
  • Flat Grave Markers: Similar in size to flat headstones or slightly larger, they can sometimes fill the entire length of the graveyard (36″ x 24″ x 3″). 


Usually ranges from 3 to 4inches, provides stability and resistance to environmental conditions.  

Price Impact:  

The amount of material utilized, larger sizes and thicknesses will affect the average cost of a headstone. The price rise may not be proportional to the size increase, therefore checking quotations from your supplier is necessary. 

Design and Customization 

There are people who often look for cheap grave markers due to budget constraints. For them it is necessary to learn that single flat headstones design and customization also affects the price of the flat granite headstones. Let’s now look at the factors of design and customization are: 

  • Basic vs Custom Design: Simpler design with basic inscriptions is more affordable. Custom design with intricate inscriptions costs more as it involves a lot of time and artistry. 
  • Engraving Costs: Engraving costs vary according to the complexity of the text, symbols, or graphics. Simple text engravings are less expensive, whereas elaborate designs or portraits cost substantially more. 
  • Additional Features: Raised text, sandblasted artwork, and inlays with contrasting materials all add to the cost. 

Additional Costs 

There are various cost factors that should be considered but are ignored when talking about how much a flat grave marker costs. These costs are often hidden, which can be neglected. But not anymore. Let’s look at these hidden costs: 

  • Installation : Installation fees normally range between $150 and $450 but might vary depending on location and intricacy. The final installation price is influenced by factors such as cemetery restrictions, ground conditions (rocky soil may require additional work), and the size/weight of the memorial. 
  • Maintenance and Upkeep : Flat memorials require less maintenance. Regular washing with mild soap and water is essential. Bronze may require occasional waxing (do-it-yourself or professional service). Long-term, consider resealing granite to keep it shiny (optional service). Costs vary according to size and service. 
  • Finding the right size : Considering the following variables while selecting the size also helps in identifying the cost of a flat headstone: 
  • Cemetery Rules: Some cemetery has size restrictions on memorials. Before making your final decision, check with the cemetery office. 
  • Budget: Larger sizes will undoubtedly cost extra. Determine your budget and select a size that fits well inside it. 
  • Visual Impact: Larger memorials provide more visual significance. Smaller sizes can still be attractive and have a more subtle presence. 

Stone Discover: Optimal Choice for Flat Monuments for Graves 

Understanding numerous cost aspects is necessary when determining the best way to honor a loved one with flat headstones and burial markers. Businesses may provide important, educated choices to customers by considering materials, sizes, and customization options.

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With a legacy of over 38 years of experience, Stone Discover is providing its clients with premium quality flat headstones and grave plaques. At Stone Discover, we understand the emotional value in honoring a loved one, which is why we guarantee timely delivery, after sales services and best competitive prices. Contact us today to find out more.