How Much Should a Headstone Cost? A Price Breakdown 

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Grieving the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult emotions that we can experience in a lifetime. Dealing with your own suffering while comforting everyone around is stressful. Bereaved families still need to plan final arrangements and buy a headstone. In general, a headstone is one of the most important and expensive items to buy when planning a funeral. 

For most people, it’s important when they or a close one dies, people have a place they can go to remember the deceased. A headstone is one way to provide a peaceful place to mourn and pay tribute. It serves as a lasting remembrance, marking a final resting spot for families to visit for generations to come. But buying a gravestone can be confusing. 

Not forgetting, they are expensive. Yet, there’s a way to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Several factors affect the pricing for headstones. Knowing these factors can help you make an informed final decision. In this guide, we will discuss those factors in detail. They will give an idea of the average price of a headstone. 

Especially in times of grief when decision-making is difficult, guides like this can make it easier for you. Let’s get started. 

What is a Tombstone?

Before we get into the costing part, let’s understand the basics. A headstone is also referred to as a tombstone, gravestone, grave marker, memorial, or monument. It’s a way of commemorating the deceased and providing families with a place to visit and mourn. It’s usually made of stone and includes the deceased person’s name, date of birth and date, and an epitaph.

How Much Does a Headstone Cost?

The average cost of a headstone can start from $600 and can go up to thousands. But remember the price can also increase or decrease depending on several factors. The material, design, style, and optional features selected significantly affect the prices. For example, a simple monument that costs $600 can cost $800 or $1000 with more detailing or complex design.

Let’s look at the 10 factors affecting the cost of headstone for grave below.

  • Material: A headstone can be made using different materials. People can opt for granite, marble, slate, iron, bronze or even wood. But the most popular material is granite. It’s because granite tombstones are durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant. It’s also easier to clean and maintain in the long run.
  • Size: The size of the gravestone also affects its price. The bigger the monument, the pricier it will be. The standard size of a single grave marker is 24″ x 12″ x 4″. Whereas the standard size of couples headstones is 36″ x 12″ x 4″. Thus, small headstones will cost you less and big ones will cost you more.
  • Weight: The weight of the monument depends on the choice of material. But a higher weight will command a higher price too.
  • Style: The monument style affects its price the most. There are many styles to choose from. The most common ones are flat, bevel, slanted, upright, bench, kerb sets, and angel memorials. All these styles have a different price range that will be discussed in detail in this guide later.
  • Finish: The finish of the memorial also affects its price. There are different finishes that one can pick depending on their aesthetic needs. The most common ones are frosted, polished, part-polished, pitched, sawn, and honed finish.
  • Engravings: The engravings honor the individual who has passed away. Some choose to put the basic details of the deceased like their name and date of birth and death. Others may want something more personalized like an epitaph, short quotes, or sayings. Adding more engravings to the tombstone will add to its price.
  • Accessories: There are different accessories available to add to the cemetery monument. People can add floral vases, memory plaques, porcelain portraits, or memorial light holders. Adding an accessory or accessories further increases the tombstone’s final price.
  • Cemetery Permit Fees: Cemeteries often charge a permitting fee. This fee allows the family members to bury the deceased in the cemetery. Some of them also charge a fee to excavate the grave before burial and fill it later. Cemetery permit fees vary from region to region.
  • Shipping Fees: The shipping fees further add to the funeral expenses. If you’re getting your memorial from a local seller, the shipping fees are minimized. But, if you’re getting it from a seller abroad, the shipping charges will add to it more expenses.
  • Installation Fees: Finally, installation costs. One can install a headstone on their own, but it’s not recommended. It should sit right and stay for a long time, so it’s best to trust a professional with it. The installation fees depend a lot on the monument’s size. Setting up a single stone can cost around $150 – $450. Whereas double tombstones can cost around $300 – $600.

What is the Average Price of Headstones?

As discussed, the average cost of a tombstone can start from $600 and can go up to thousands. It can vary depending on the material choice and its size, finish, weight, and other factors. Let’s look at the cost of a monument based on the material below.

Granite Headstone Cost

Granite headstones are the most popular due to several reasons. First, they are beautiful and second, they are durable and long-lasting. Third, they need the least cleaning and maintenance. Fourth, it also costs less than a marble tombstone. The average cost of a tombstone made of granite is around $450. A larger one with personalization can cost more. Also, some granite colors may be more expensive.

Price of Marble Headstones for Graves

Besides granite, some people prefer buying a marble tombstone. It’s because it offers a sleeker look and finish than granite. It costs around $1500 – $1800, which is a lot compared to the prior material option. Apart from being more expensive, remember that marble needs more maintenance than granite.

How Much is a Headstone Based on Style?

The monument style you choose affects the cost of cemetery stones significantly. The prices can range between hundreds to thousands of dollars. Let’s see the burial stones cost based on the tombstone style you select below. Please note that these prices are as per Stone Discover.

Flat Marker

Flat headstones, also known as flat grave markers, are set flush with the ground. They are simple and elegant, making them perfect for families looking for a subtle memorial. So, how much do flat grave markers cost?

Individual flat marker: $200 plus

Companion flat marker: $350 plus

Bevel Marker

Bevel headstones are also known as pillow markers. They are set flat on the ground. They are flat on the base and cut at a gentle angle on the top like a wedge. The back of the bevel headstone is slightly higher than the front.

Individual bevel marker: $300 plus

Companion bevel marker: $350 plus

Slanted Headstones

Slanted grave markers stand up straight and get their name from their front cut. They have a slanted and polished surface and a straight back. They are great for families looking for a small cemetery monument.

Individual slanted marker: $200 plus

Companion slanted marker: $300 plus

slant headstone

Upright Headstones

Upright headstones sit on a base and stand up several feet in the air. They are one of the most traditional-style monuments ever. They offer ample space for engravings and personalized messages. These are great for families looking for a classic way to honor the departed.

Individual upright headstone: $300 plus

Companion upright headstone: $900 plus

Upright Headstone

Bench Memorial

Bench memorials are monuments designed to commemorate the deceased. They offer a place to rest and reflect in community parks, gardens, or cemeteries. They are unique and meaningful options to honor a loved one.

Individual bench memorial: $350 plus

Companion bench memorial: $950 plus

Kerb Sets

Kerb Sets are a very traditional style of memorials. They consist of kerbs that run around the grave’s perimeter. They are built to last for generations.

Individual kerb sets: $450 plus

Companion kerb sets: $600 plus

Angel Headstones

Angel Stones are sculpted angels sitting on the top of a grave or are a part of the headstone. They have a deep symbolism for the departed as well as the families. Angels are considered the messengers of the god. At Stone Discover, Angel headstones can cost around $2000-$4000.

Angel Headstone

How Much Does It Cost to Cut and Engrave a Headstone?

Engravings are a huge part of headstones. They are essential because they properly honor the departed and provide their details. People often request words on memorial stones. They also suggest what they’d like if they’re designing a monument beforehand. If the person has not decided on an engraving beforehand, their family members do it for them.

Th headstone engraving cost depends on the cost per letter. In general, it can cost around $20 per character. For the first 20-30 characters it can be $20, any extra letters from thereon can cost $10 each. Some people also opt for engraved plaques on top instead of lettering. They can cost around $100 – $300.

It’s challenging to cut costs when designing and buying a headstone. It’s because costs usually add up with choices such as headstone material, style, design and all the other factors discussed above. Yet, there are a few ways in which one can spread or lessen the grave headstone cost. Here are some of the ways to cut costs below.

You can go for more reasonable tombstones like flat or bevel grave markers. You can also buy your headstone in advance and pay for it yourself. This eases away the financial burden on your family when you pass away.

Finally, you can buy headstones online from Stone Discover. There is a wide range of options at wholesale prices.

Where to Buy Headstones?

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