What is the Significance of an Angel Headstone? 

Angel Headstone

When choosing a headstone design for a departed loved one, we often feel the need to choose something meaningful. And while some might select a traditional headstone, others might look for unique designs. For instance, a design that offers solace and meaning such as an angel headstone. When words aren’t enough to express, angel monuments offer a meaningful way to memorialize the deceased. 

Angels have a fascinating history. We can still find their significance in art, texts, and literature. No two lives are the same, so the headstone must also be unique. It’s worth considering some angel gravestone designs as it’s one of the most popular designs worldwide. Besides, it has helped many bereaved families find comfort in the times of grief. 

At Stone Discover, we cater to different designs including angel headstone designs. In this blog, we’ll discuss different angel grave marker designs and their meanings. We hope you’ll find a memorial design that will fit your requirements. Scroll down to explore. 

What is an Angel Headstone? 

angel headstones
angel headstones

Angel headstone is a type of headstone design. It incorporates statues, engravings, or pictures of angels on the cemetery monument. They are beautiful, significant and a source of comfort. According to history and beliefs, they’re supernatural beings who are God’s messengers. We can consider them as a bridge between us and the almighty. But they’re more than mere messengers. 

They are guiding and protective spirits who always keep a watch over us. Every culture or religion has a different meaning for angels. In Christianity, angels have multiple mentions in the bible. They have a key appearance during celebrations like the birth of Jesus. For some, they represent a connection between the spiritual and the physical, faith, peace, strength, healing, and protection. 

What Do Headstones with Angels Symbolize? 

Headstones with angels can have different meanings. It depends on how they’re represented in the designs. For instance, a weeping angel, an angel with wings pointing upwards, an angel joining its hands together, etc., have varying meanings. You can always speak to a professional to understand its significance better. We’ve listed some angel stones designs with their underlying meanings below. 

Different Angel Headstone Designs and Their Significance 

There’s no doubt that angel memorials are a meaningful choice for tombstones. But buyers often get confused between an angel’s position design and their meaning. We curated some common designs and pictures of angels for headstones below. We hope this will help better buyers’ understanding of angel stones. Scroll down to learn the meaning of a memorial laden with symbolic meaning. 

Single Headstone with Angel 

A Single headstone with angel is a popular memorial design. It can be any headstone design with an angel sculpture or statue incorporated into it. If the angel is looking over the grave, it might symbolize that the angel is watching over the departed soul. Or if the statue has its wings spread outwards, it might symbolize that it’s guiding the soul towards heaven. 

Double Angel Headstone 

The double angel headstone design depicts two angels on a memorial. They might be standing or sitting while facing one another. The two angels symbolize companionship and unity. They also represent the idea of accompanying the departed soul into the afterlife. This granite angel headstone design is also popular in various locations worldwide. 

Angel Wing Headstones 

Angel wing headstones design depicts only the angel’s wings on the headstone. It can mean different things to different cultures. It can represent the deceased’s soul soaring to new heights in the hands of God. As per the Bible, angel wings symbolize God’s love and the power it holds. The Bible says that God will safeguard and provide refuge to his loving souls. 

Guardian Angel Headstone 

Guardian angel headstone features an angel sculpture on the top of the cemetery monument. It can also have multiple meanings. A standing angel over the grave can symbolize that it’s watching over a peacefully sleeping departed loved one. If the angel has sadness in their eyes, it can represent the family’s grief for the person’s sudden demise. It can also mean that the departed soul is forever under the celestial being’s watchful care. 

Angels Engraved on Headstones 

Angels engraved on headstones is a common design in cemeteries. But their depictions and meanings vary a lot. The design features angel pictures on the headstone instead of a statue or sculpture. The meaning of the angel depends on its position. If the angel is pictured praying, it often represents the deceased’s devotion and love for God. If a sculptured monument is out of budget for a buyer, they can go for angel-engraved headstones. 

Buy Angel Headstone at the Best Prices! 

If you’re searching for beautiful angel headstones, choose Stone Discover! Angel stones hold a profound meaning that transcends the physical realm of memorials. Their angel wings, varied poses and intricate details represent a wide range of sentiments. From protectors, and guardians to messengers of God, angel headstones offer comfort to families. Every time they visit their resting loved ones, they can find solace. 

At Stone Discover, we specialize in angel headstone engraving designs. Buyers can select from a wide range of granite colors for cemetery monuments in various price ranges. Angels signify many things from protection, strength, love, and faith to heavenly connection. But no matter which Angel gravestone drawing you choose; we promise to deliver the finest. 

Besides angel monuments, we also make plaques, upright headstones, kerb sets, double headstones for husband and wife and book-shaped headstones. With our decades of experience and expertise in the natural stone industry, we can expect secure packing and fast deliveries. So, for angel headstone at the best prices, contact our experts at Stone Discover today! 

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