The Difference between Tombstone, Headstone and Gravestone 

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Life itself is brief, as is everything else in this world. When a loved one passes on, families decide to either bury or cremate them. If they decide to bury, there’s a likelihood that a headstone, tombstone, or gravestone will be set on the burial spot. When visiting a cemetery, we are sure you must have come across different types of grave markers. Some are more elaborate than others. 

For people who are unfamiliar with cemetery memorials, these terminologies can be confusing. Especially, when terms like tombstone, headstone and gravestone are often used interchangeably. But, when you dive into the origin of each word, you’ll see that all these words have subtle differences. These small differences give each term its unique meaning. In this blog, let’s understand the difference between a tombstone, headstone, and gravestone. 

What are Tombstones?

A tombstone is an upright monument that sits on top of the grave, towards the head. It contains the deceased’s name, date of birth and death, epitaphs and/or personal messages from the bereaved family. It serves as a reminder or marker of the burial spot so that it’s easy to honor the dead later in life. The tombstones for graves were more relevant when coffins were made of stones.

It is a Greek-origin term. The English language was adopted in the mid-1500s. The word describes the lid of a stone coffin. In Greek, the term “tymbos” translates to “burial mound” and the term “stia” means “pebble.” From then on “tymbos” became “tomb” and “stia” became “stone.” Many people and cultures use the term tombstone interchangeably with headstone and gravestone.

What is a Headstone?

Head Stones

A headstone is an upright stone that sits on the head of a grave. It is a common term and is similar to a cornerstone. In the 1400s, it was a synonym for the word cornerstone, which is a ceremonial stone. In general, it sits on the corner of a building, often conjoining two exterior walls. It contained information about the structure including stones and other materials used for it.

With time, grave headstones became synonymous with grave markers. They were then used to mark burial spots. They started displaying information about the departed loved one. They consisted of the person’s name, date of birth and death, memorial quotes, epitaphs, pictures and much more. They are now a popular and most common name for cemetery monuments worldwide.

What is Gravestone?

In ancient times, a gravestone referred to the large slab that used to cover the entire grave. Like tombstones and headstones, gravestones also consist of information about the deceased. They often included loved one’s information, religious symbols, epitaphs, and other such things. The term “gravestone” dates back to the 1175s. Most people think of a standing and vertical grave marker when thinking about gravestones.

But today, they resemble a grave ledger more. A grave ledger is a large stone slab that features lengthier information about the departed. For example, their list of accomplishments or genealogy can be mentioned on the cemetery gravestone. At Stone Discover, we tend to use tombstone, headstone, and gravestone interchangeably.

Tombstones vs Headstone vs Gravestone

If we see, tombstones vs headstone vs gravestone, they all once had different meanings. Over time, their definitions evolved and today, they share the same meaning. Yet, each of them still has a distinguishing factor. They are all significant and unique in their own right. Moreover, they are not mere grave markers. They are a way to honor and memorialize a loved one by family.

How to Buy Tombstones, Headstones and Gravestones?

Before learning where to buy grave markers, let’s understand the factors to consider when selecting a memorial. Commemorating a loved one is a very important and sentimental procedure and grave markers are a great part of it. So, it’s essential to select a monument that helps create an everlasting memory of a deceased loved one. There are certain factors to remember when choosing an ideal grave site marker.

Here are some significant pointers to keep in mind.

  • Set a proper budget – The first thing to do is to set a budget. Buying headstones is an expensive affair, so having an amount in mind helps.
  • Select a monument material – They come in a wide range of materials like stones, wood, and bronze. It is best to go with natural stones such as granite. They are beautiful, long-lasting, and low maintenance.
  • Decide on the monument type, design and more – There are various memorial designs to choose from. From traditional and modern to bespoke monuments, everything is available at Stone Discover.
  • Create engravings and inscriptions – After finalizing the design, decide on the quotes or messages you want on the stone.
  • Choose a trusted cemetery monument supplier – Finally, ensure to buy cemetery monuments from a reliable supplier, such as Stone Discover. We are one of the best manufacturers and exporters of memorials.

If you want more information on the same, here’s A Guide to Choose a Perfect Headstone.

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