Colonial Gold Granite

Color Gold
Origin India
Other names Colonial Dream Gold Granite, Colonial Golden Beige Granite, New Colonial Gold Granite
Applications Countertops, stairs, window sills, wall, floor, fountain
Finishing Polished, flamed, lepatora, honed, bush-hammered, brushed, and leather
Available products: Countertops and vanity tops – Custom sizes
Cutter slabs – 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
Gangsaw slabs – 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
Tiles – 30×30, 30×60, 60×60 cm
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Colonial Gold granite is a tough rock from India that includes a smooth grey foundation with brown and grey specks and veining. Colonial gold granite is suggested for indoor and outside projects and is appropriate for open-air use where frigid temperatures consistently happen. Flooring, walls, and granite countertops are great applications for Colonial Gold.

Colonial Gold Granite has dazzling gold twirling over a rich, smooth yellowish foundation with dark and earthy colored shaded mineral granules all around the rock’s surface. These designed particles are not thought of as even, and it likewise comprises huge gold fixes that cause the granite to seem distinctive and striking. This delightful granite stone is appropriate for both exterior and interior utilization and could endure the environment with frigid temperatures.

It makes a costly and remarkable look, particularly when utilized indoors as flooring, backsplashes, chimneys, shower vanities, tub encompasses, and so on at Stone Discover. We have the best quality Colonial Gold rock granite accessible in various structures like sections and tiles. Colonial Gold Granite is an excellent gold rock utilized as Granite Countertops, and it sustains the climate with its brilliant presence.

We, Stone Discover, provide granites in different sizes, aspects, thicknesses, and completes, just like sharpened, cleaned, blazed, piano, and many more. Get in touch with Stone Discover for additional information and details.

Surely, Colonial Gold granite is one of the uncommon sorts of granite that genuinely fits your kitchen interior. Besides, Colonial Gold is a great decision with yellowish smooth and earthy colored tones. Besides, there isn’t an excess of development in the stone. As such, it is not excessively occupied.

Colonial Gold granite can change a great deal from one pack to another. This kind of stone is amazing and stable. It’s equipped for being utilized in frigid temperatures, an astounding component for a ledge. These ledges are incredible for your indoor or open-air kitchen since they face pretty much whatever could happen to them, regardless of where you put them in.

What makes them unique?

Several years prior, water infiltration profound into the stone through little breaks and gaps, making the iron oxide and different minerals oxidize and along these lines creating fluctuating gold tones that are noticeable in this rock. The pilgrim rock thoroughly advances perfect and slick appearances, unlike other stones and types.

The colonial gold rock can likewise endure any components, making it more powerful and sturdier. This outstanding stone tone is utilized for home and business improvement. You can undoubtedly keep a phenomenal element of your washroom or kitchen worktops with frontier goldstone. It’s ideal and sleek appearances can be effortlessly seen in a solitary wipe.

This sort of stone has lovely shadings, with a rich white or Gray hued foundation covered with shades of brown and Gray. That brown and Gray could come as genuine veining or it very well may be specks or a blend of the two things all through. You end up with a delightful example all through the slab.


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