Kadappa Black Limestone

Color Black
Origin India
Other names Kadappa Stone
Applications Exterior, Parking, Walls, Fireplace
Finishing  Honed, Natural, Sandblasted, Polished
Available products: 300cm X 200 cm


Kadappa Black Limestone is produced in Sedimentary Limestone rocks, a type of sedimentary Limestone. Carbonate or aragonites are the main constituents of its slightly elevated Limestone, which is formed entirely of calcium carbonate. Natural Limestone is oil-repellent & non-slippery, making it an excellent choice for flooring and paving applications.

It has been used as Limestone Slabs, Sandstone Paving, Limestone Blocks and flooring, wall cladding, kitchen counters, & road surfaces of floors of major commercial complexes. It is also used for exterior doorways of houses & airports, hospital floors, railway station floors, & park pavement, among other things.

Limestone tiles are most commonly used as flooring material inside your residential property. Limestone pavers are pretty popular because of their natural beauty and inviting feel. Natural tints and earthy tones are included in the palette of colours available for purchase.

Limestone pavers can also be used on the exterior of your property in a variety of locations, including;

Patio packs Paving stones Driveway Pool & Ponds area Landscaping Patio packs Paving stones
Stones for stepping

The Following Are Some Applications For Kadappa Black Limestone:

These homes demonstrate the wide range of applications for Limestone in everyday life and modern architecture. Limestone is easy to cut and carve, is readily available, and is long-lasting.

The characteristics of Limestone, including compactness, hardness, and durability, all play an essential part in its applications.

Limestone is used in various applications such as countertops, worktops, staircases, and steps, among others, to give homes a fresh, modern appeal.

Kadappa Black Limestone is supplied in various sizes and shapes, including hand-cut pavers and sawn edges. Circle pavement, Walling stones, Cobbles, Curb rocks, Flag rocks, Massive stones, and Design specifications, Pool Facing, Crazy Paving, Mosaics, Borders, & Skirting Pieces are also available.

It is available in various finishes, including natural, polished, honed, bleached, brushed, leather finish slumped & calibrated. Kadappa Black Limestone is also available in multiple sizes and shapes.

The surface can also be used with other finishes such as Honed & Natural, and it has swan edges on all four sides. Calibrated and tumbled on one side; natural on the other; both sides clean with hand-cut

In Addition, Sizes, Thicknesses, And Edges Can All Be Adjusted

This tool is pretty simple to carve to the required form and size. Furthermore, because it is resilient to all types of weather, you can ensure everlasting brilliance.

90 x 60, 60 x 60, 60 x 30 & 30 x 30 with 2cm to 5cm thickness, as well as custom sizes are available.

Along with standard stone sizes, we also provide custom shapes and sizes and the ability to accommodate special requests.

Kadappa Black Limestone is available in several different varieties. Various natural, high-grade, and medium-grade stones are available, tumbled, honed, and sandblasted antique polished rocks. Other options include walling stones, kerb rocks, step stones, risers, Cobbles, & circles.