Kota Blue Limestone

Color Blue
Origin India
Other names Kotah Blue, Wadi Limestone, Kota Grey, Wadi Blue.
Applications Wall facades, Interior, Exterior, Pool coping
Finishing Polished, Brushed, Natural, Honed, Semi-honed
Available products: Tiles – 30×30, 60×30, 60×60, 60×90 cm




Kota Blue Limestone is a distinctive blue colour limestone with a steel effect & subtle shades of grey & green, with occasional white coastal flecks. This has a steel effect and a metal effect with slight shades of grey & green, to occasional white coral flecks. Limestone with a less riven appearance than ordinary sandstone is available, and it features machine-cut edges that add to the overall effect. Although the colours depicted are mainly for reference purposes, due to the inherent characteristics of natural stone, there will be subtle colour variations with tones & patterns.

Features Of Kota Blue Limestones

This stone is recommended for use as flooring & wall cladding and paving & building facades. It is mainly because Kota Blue possesses the distinctive features of limestones.

The bluestone is extremely tough, does not absorb water, is non-slip, non-porous, and has good stain removability when adequately cared for. Kota blue stones also come in a wide variety of finishes and, shapes and sizes, including tiles, slabs, crushed stone, & blocks.

The size of the Kota blue limestone tiling & blocks can be customized to meet the customers’ specific needs. The edges are sharpened to prevent possible damage during shipping or application on the job site.

This stone’s cool silvery-blue tones & modest colour variation make it an excellent choice for traditional and contemporary garden designs. This Indian limestone paving, like all of our genuine limestone paving, has been meticulously sourced to ensure that you receive excellent quality and value.

The flat, softly textured surface of Kota Blue Limestone, combined with hand-cut edges, creates a gorgeous traditional finish that is equally appropriate for contemporary projects. The eye-catching azure color may begin to fade and mellow a little with time. Although it is not required, sealing the stone will be beneficial in high-traffic locations.

Where Is Kota Blue Limestone Used?

Kota Blue Limestone has now been utilized for centuries as the best material for building prestige structures all over the world, and it continues to do so today.

Kota Blue Limestone layers can be utilized on floors and walls in both indoor and outdoor construction, and they look great doing so. As a result of their extraordinary durability, the slabs are perfect for use in high-traffic parts of the home and locations where stain resistance is required. Kota Blue Limestone can also be hand-cut into slabs, cobbles, and other landscape features to complement any design scheme. It is an essential and useful limestone that you should use.

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