Tandur Yellow Limestone

Color Yellow
Origin India
Other names Shahbad Yellow, T Yellow
Applications Interior, Exterior, Wall, Floor, Pool coping
Finishing Honed, Brushed, Natural
Available products: 2′-6′ x 2′ (in feet)


Decorating a house is a fantasy of most ladies, and they attempt to adorn every region of their home remarkably and uncommonly. Tandur Yellow Limestone ought to be the first choice wherever flooring is concerned as it no way splits the difference with quality. These tiles can add excellence to your home. These penstocks aren’t just utilized at home but also another number of attractive endeavors.

Piecemeal from being moderately solid, Tandur Yellow limestone is one of the extreme points of interest accessible. They’re unconstrained to indurating, and like a few different penstocks accessible in the solicitation, these tiles additionally arrive in a decent scope of shading, plans, and patterns comparative as dark, white, yellow, and brown. For acquiring a provincial look at the whole environmental elements, Limestone penstocks are the most appropriate ones.

Limestone flooring is getting authentically well-known and looks genuinely enthusiastic and ultramodern. Because of their delicate surface, these penstocks bear high preservation, and they’re likewise inclined to scratches and stains, which makes them the most minor tough. These gems are likewise utilized in farming and are one of those landmarks with high activity.

Yellow Tandur Limestone, additionally called French Vanilla, is a warm honey-hued limestone with a discreet surface and rustic appearance. Attributable to its solidarity and congruity, it’s great for all sorts of development tasks, be it finishing, walling, floor materials, quadrangles, etc. A Homeric and rich stone, Lime Yellow reminds a good ambiance; this material is a beautiful expansion to the assortment of regular limestone.

Tandur Yellow Limestone Has Its Benefits:

Tandur Yellow Limestone is found as Sedimentary Limestone gems. Its High-quality limestone is made out of calcium carbonate as calcite or aragonite. Regular yellow limestone is Oil Resistant & Non-Slippery, appropriate for Flooring and Paving purposes. It’s utilized as Yellow Tandur Limestone on the ground surface, Wall Cladding, Countertops, and asphalt of bottoms of massive attractive edifices, External Door searching for Houses, and Pavement in Parks, etc.

Limestone penstocks are significantly liked for solid kitchen flooring, as they generally give hardness. Its congruity is one of the essential elements representing its low preservation costs, and its gift has commonly been seen by and large. Many significant landmarks are made using this limestone, and they are used for almost every flooring and wall use.

Tandur Yellow Limestone is accessible in various shells like Natural, Polished, Sand Blasted, Brushed, Lather Finish, and Calibrated. Additionally, it’s accessible in a mix of covers like Honed and Natural with four sides swan edges.

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