A Guide to Choose a Perfect Headstone 


If we think about one of the toughest things humans do in a lifetime, it is grieving the loss of a loved one. The deceased’s departure leaves many memories and some difficult decisions behind. Selecting tombstones for graves is the most challenging yet crucial decision a family must make to create an everlasting memory of the departed.  

There are several factors to consider when selecting the ideal headstone, including the grave marker material as well as the design and inscription of the cemetery headstone, all within a set budget. In this guide, we will walk you through every aspect you must know before determining the best headstone to honor your loved one.  

Scroll to read about what headstones are, how to buy a headstone, and where to buy them. We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision to preserve the deceased’s memories.  

What is a Headstone?  

A headstone is a grave marker set to commemorate a loved one’s resting place in a cemetery. Most suppliers use materials like granite and marble to make them. Typically, they include basic information about the parted, such as name, year of birth, year of death, and some additional details that might be sentimentally meaningful.  

Over time gravestone’s material, shape, designs, and finishes have changed with advancements in stonemason skills and technology. Today, multiple ways exist to pay tribute to a loved one, including upright headstones, angel stones, books and records, plaques, pair stones, kerb sets, memorial benches, etc. Selecting a cemetery monument with so many possibilities can be difficult, besides suffering a loss.  

With the help of the steps outlined below, we made an effort to make the procedure easier for you.  

Steps to Buy a Perfect Headstone

Step 1: Set a Budget

The first and foremost thing is to fix a budget. Browse the internet to find the average prices of tombstones and pick the budget that suits you best. A grave marker is an expensive purchase, and costs can range between hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the material, design, delivery charges, etc. Having funding in place helps make better decisions.

Step 2: Select a Headstone Material

The choice of a headstone’s material comes next. When choosing a material, remember that natural stone‘s durability is crucial. Choose a stone substance like granite for the gravestone of your loved one if you want it to last for a long time and need little upkeep. Markers made of granite are beautiful and possess qualities like hardness, strength, and durability.  

Step 3: Decide on Headstone Design & Finish 

Once you are done with determining the budget and the best material for headstones, the next step is to choose a design. One can pick a traditional or modern style gravestone based on preference. However, we suggest going for a bespoke route. It helps families to personalize and add sentimental value to the tombstone and remember their lost one in the best way possible.  

Step 4: Create an Inscription 

Following the design, the next aspect is the inscription. A tombstone inscription typically includes basic information about the deceased like name, date of birth, and demise. But a family can choose from various ways to engrave a memorial. For instance, the headstone can be personalized using the deceased’s nickname, a phrase, a symbol, typefaces, a message, or an engraved picture.  

Step 5: Choose a Headstone Supplier 

The last but not least step is to find a reliable and the best headstone company. Many companies sell tombstones, but purchasing from one like Stone Discover is crucial, simplifying all the procedures above for you. From establishing a budget, completing designs, ensuring fast delivery, and providing after-sales service, we work hard to assist our clients. 

Where can I Purchase a Headstone? 

Making funeral arrangements is an emotional process, and deciding on a headstone is no exception. Tombstones are significant investments that take time to construct and engrave. Nonetheless, considering the memorial created to honor the deceased, the time taken is worth it. With these things in mind, you must be wondering where can I purchase a headstone.  

Stone Discover is one of the emerging and cheap headstone suppliers catering to clients in the US, UK, European and African countries. We offer a vast range of headstones for multiple family members with an option to customize them. From headstones, angel monuments, books & records, memorial plaques, and kerb sets to couple stones, are available at competitive prices. 

Headstone Design & Finish Available at Stone Discover 


The most typical type of grave marker is an upright headstone. It consists of a base and a vertical stone with the inscriptions of the deceased’s details. Stone Discover provides high-quality, long-lasting stones that are built to last. Additionally, one can customize the memorial marker to include different materials, designs, colors, etc.  


Angel Stones 

Angel stones on cemetery monuments are a relatively new concept. Angels are carved into natural stones like granite. Angels stand for beauty, faith, strength, serenity, and the connection between heaven and earth. After a loss, knowing that angels forever guard their loved ones can help families feel at ease. At Stone Discover, we offer bespoke angel monuments.


Books & Records

Unlike traditional tombstones, Books & Records are finely crafted cemetery monuments in the shape of a book. The gravestones can be in an open book structure with ample space to write about a person. Stone Discover offers a range of traditional and contemporary designs, cut and polished in the finest granite on which letterings, photos, etc., can be engraved.  



Memorial plaques or plates are timeless yet elegant grave markers that beautifully preserve the deceased’s memories. Plaques are natural stone slabs cut into desired measurements with numerous customization possibilities. We offer multiple personalization options ranging from natural stone materials, dimensions, letterings, borders, photos, sentimental messages, and more.  

Couple Stone 

Couple headstones are usually for spouses, or two people sharing a very close relationship can also choose them. In couple of stones, two headstones are placed side by side with the details of each person on their respective sides. The living spouse or close family members decide on a companion memorial monument. 


Kerb Sets 

Kerb sets are another traditional tombstone that has existed in history for a long time. The kerb covers the surface and runs around the entire perimeter of the grave. These markers have endless customization possibilities that families can do to make to even more memorable. We manufacture kerb sets from hard-wearing and strong materials like granite and marble in any design.  


Memorializing a loved one involves numerous decisions. The family needs to do research, set a budget, headstone material, design, inscription and much more. We hope this guide helps you ensure that the headstone you choose becomes a lasting tribute, a symbol of remembrance for generations to come.  

With Stone Discover, you can feel at ease knowing that the deceased’s memorial monument truly honors them. If you require further assistance, get in touch with our experts.

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