Husband and Wife Headstones: The Best Expert Guide 

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There’s no bond stronger than that of husband and wife. And when one partner passes away, the living partner feels like a part of them has gone missing, too. While one’s better half is not present with them in person anymore, there’s a way to ensure the couple stays together forever in their final resting place through Husband and Wife Headstones.

Tombstones for couples are cemetery memorials for two people sharing a close relationship. They can be for husband and wife or even for siblings. In general, they are set side by side in a cemetery or graveyard. They come in different varieties such as lawn-level, bevel, slant, monuments, or benches. One can also personalize available options and create unique headstone designs.

But designing husband and wife headstones can be a challenging task. It’s because the design often happens while one partner is still alive. The challenge is to create a memorial that looks complete for the deceased. While also allowing space for the living spouse. One can incorporate the surviving spouse’s name without it looking like an afterthought.

In this guide, we will discuss everything one must know about couples headstones. We’ll also be sharing some ideas for headstone inscriptions for husband and wife. The beauty of grave markers for couples lies in the thought and consideration. A design that incorporates the names of both spouses and respects their individuality. Let’s discover the best double headstone ideas and everything you need to know about couples headstones below!

Do You Have to be Married to Have Couples Headstones?

A common question that arises is do you have to be married to have a couple gravestone? The short answer is no. They are mostly associated with married couples. Yet, they can memorialize any two people sharing a lasting relationship and bond. They can be companions, partners, siblings, or even close friends. The purpose is to honor unity among individuals, irrespective of their marital status.

Reasons to Get Husband and Wife Headstones

There are several reasons to choose a joint headstone for husband and wife. The first reason is that it honors and celebrates both partners equally. Through the gravestone, spouses declare their love for one another. They also declare their unity and friendship in life and death. Whilst commemorating each person in their right as an individual. Let’s look at some other reasons below.

  • Commemorates a Shared Journey: Companion headstones allow for an inclusive tribute. The couple’s shared journeys and experiences are honored in a single monument. They offer ample space to acknowledge their lives, memories, milestones, and achievements.
  • Symbolizes Connection: The memorials are like a visual representation of the deep bond and unity shared by two individuals. Placing their names and epitaphs together emphasizes the love they shared and their lifelong connection.
  • Convenient: Joint grave markers for couples are without a doubt more convenient than two separate ones. They simplify the memorial-making process and offer an inclusive stone for both in one space.
  • Cost-Effective: Buying a companion gravestone is a cost-effective option compared to buying two. For example, single headstones cost between $ 150- $ 450, while couple stones cost around $ 300 – $ 600. If one buys two separate headstones, they will be paying relatively more.
  • Preserves Legacy: Cemetery monuments serve as a lasting testament to the family’s legacy. Likewise, companion stones add to the family’s legacy. They also offer space to include the names of their children or other important family members. They ensure the family’s connections and history are preserved for future generations.

Types of Husband and Wife headstones

There are several monument designs and styles available to commemorate your departed loved ones. Do look at different unique husband and wife headstones before finalizing the one. Here are some of the most popular grave marker ideas to consider.

Single Headstone with Two Names

As the name suggests, a Single Headstone with Two Names is a singular stone with the names of both husband and wife on it. It’s usually larger than a regular headstone that’s for an individual. This design allows the family members to remember the bond shared by the two individuals. It’s a reminder of love and support during tough times like grieving. In general, most single companion headstones contain the names of the deceased and their date of birth and death.

Double Headstones for Husband and Wife

Double Headstones for Husband and Wife

Double Headstones for Husband and Wife, also known as companion headstones, are larger markers shared by the spouses. The names, relevant details, and inscriptions of the couple are engraved on the shared memorial symbolizing their togetherness in life and death. There are various options available for double headstone designs for couples. There’s also ample space to include portraits, symbols, and epitaphs.

Flat Headstones Marker for Married Couples

Flat Headstones are another great design option to consider for married couples. They are high quality, offer ample space and are budget friendly. Flat Headstones for Married Couples mostly consist of names, relevant dates, portraits, and wordings. They’re more practical and inexpensive compared to other designs. But that doesn’t mean they honor the departed any less.

Heart-Shaped Headstones

Another popular choice for spouses is Heart-Shaped Headstones. This design perfectly captures the love, connection, and affection of the couple. They can be crafted using different materials and in different sizes. This headstone design also allows more room for personalization through etchings and inscriptions. Choose Heart-Shaped Headstones to reflect the pair’s unique love story.

Bench Memorials

Bench Memorial

If families are looking for something unique and budget is not an issue, then Bench Memorials are an excellent choice. They’re stone benches engraved with the husband and wife’s names and short inscriptions. They are often set in public spaces such as community parks or gardens. Bench memorials allow visitors to sit and reflect while honoring the couple’s memory.

Custom Sculptures

Custom Sculptures

If families want something completely personalized, then Custom Sculptures are a good pick. They best represent the pair’s shared interests or hobbies. They can be further integrated into the headstone design. For example, a book-shaped headstone can represent the couple’s shared love for reading. Custom Sculptures can help create one-of-a-kind cemetery monuments.

What Happens If There’s a Second Spouse?

It’s a possibility that the surviving partner remarries. In that case, there is a second spouse and there are three names to be added on the headstone. It’s also unlikely to be decided when designing and placing the original monument. Most probably there will not be enough space to incorporate a third name. It’s something that a couple should discuss before a partner dies as it’s a very sensitive topic.

Husband and Wife Headstone Inscriptions Ideas

Another significant aspect of married couple husband and wife headstones are inscriptions. Thinking about what to write on headstones can be a daunting task. But inscriptions are essential to consider from the design and honoring aspect as well. These writings can be anything from quotes, short says, poems or any line in memory of the deceased. In general, the wording should revolve around the couple’s love and partnership. Here are some short and sweet examples of what to put on a gravestone – ( What Do You Write on Dad, Mom, Husband, and Wife Headstone?)

  • Two souls entwined, forever as one.
  • “Together in life, together in death.”
  • “Always and forever, the two of us.”
  • “We lived together in happiness. Now we rest together in peace.”
  • “Devoted in love.”
  • “Love is patient, Love is kind, Love never fails.”

How Much Do Husband and Wife Headstones Cost?

The cost of contemporary or traditional husband and wife headstones depends on several factors. Everything from stone, design, inscriptions, and engravings to finish affects the headstone’s cost. At Stone Discover, we offer husband and wife headstones starting from $364.12 and going up to $615.03 (approximately). We tend to quote only for the names and inscriptions, but prices may differ depending on the design complexities and order size.

Where to Buy Husband and Wife Headstones?

When buying husband and wife headstones, it’s essential to consider factors including quality, personalization options, price, and delivery time. At Stone Discover, we offer the best quality headstones and monuments at wholesale prices. We also take custom bulk orders and ensure prompt deliveries. Our collections consist of everything from single headstones, double headstones, flat headstones, and heart-shaped headstones to bench memorials for companions/couples.

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It is suggested that you take your time to research various options, designs, and prices. If you’re confused about which type of memorial to choose, our experts at Stone Discover can help with picking an ideal one. We hope this guide helps you make a more informed decision when selecting couples headstones. Contact us today!